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21 grams
05.01.2005: Blog
recap of my 21st birthday barhop and launch of my busted shoulder video
Danwhos 21st Bday Aftermath Audio
04.29.2005: Video
I turned 21. I got drunk. I wandered. I climbed an 8 foot fence and fell from the top on my shoulder. Smitty took video.
this is spinal tap
06.26.2004: Blog
I had back surgery for my herniated disc
did i mention paralysis?
06.13.2004: Blog
the doctors recommended back surgery and employed scare tactics
02.21.2004: Blog
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but does a lack of apples equal illness?
3 in one like that fisher price game table i always wanted but that really sucks
02.11.2004: Blog
Post covering: Back Pain, JMU, Drunk Driving, Public Speaking, Sleepless in Seattle, Labatt Blue, and The Price is Right