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Plug It In, Plug It In: The LeBron James Story :: 06.12.2015 @ 4:45 PM
Last night during Game 4 of the 2015 NBA Finals, LeBron James went diving into the crowd and cut his head open on a camera. He stayed down writhing in pain and holding his head until he was swarmed by security and medical staff who pushed away the television cameras and covered LeBron's head with towels. Based on his reaction and my own beliefs about LeBron's alleged recent hair plugs, I immediately thought LeBron's first concern seemed to be privacy regarding his follicle harvest areas which had been reopened and he stayed down until his head was covered up.

Lebron James head wound
LeBron James head wound

Before I continue, I have two disclaimers: First, while I am rooting for the Warriors in the 2015 NBA Finals, I don't have anything against LeBron James. He's a force of nature, I wish him success but not against Steph Curry, and I'm sure he'll be great in Trainwreck, coming to theatres. And secondly, I myself am a balding male and have been for about ten years if not my whole life.

It's been my belief that when LeBron took two weeks off during this 2015 season, where he left his Cleveland teammates and went to Miami for unknown reasons, that he was getting hair plugs. The secretive hiatus was one of the main knocks against James's MVP candidacy, as he missed 13 games and finished third in voting behind Steph Curry and James Harden who combined to only miss 3 games total. But LeBron already has four MVP awards and should be more concerned with getting himself ready for a playoff run, and if that means a little extra rest and a hair plug session's worth of confidence, then so be it.

LeBron's receding hairline has been widely documented online, both because its comforting to find a tiny imperfection in an otherwise superhuman individual and because he seems to be so obsessed with it himself. The photo evidence is clear that LeBron has positioned his headband over the years to cover his hairline and as it receded, the headband moved further back his head. He also experimented with extra wide headbands and double handbands throughout his war of northern recession.

But suddenly, this season, just after his two week hiatus in Miami, LeBron stopped wearing headbands on the court. And his hairline was no longer receding, it was straight across the front and much fuller. LeBron James' hairline has actually been un-recededing since late 2014. reported on May 3rd that LeBron said that he ditched the headband because, "...I just wanted to look like my teammates...Just wanted to be one. Nothing more than that." Although on May 6th, LeBron wore the headband again for win against the Bulls because "The headband been calling me a little bit. I gave him the right to be a part of Game 2 and he delivered. The headband delivered."

The process of hair plug implants begins with the hair follicles being harvested from another location such as the back of the head. Often, a thin straight line of follicles is harvested from the back of the head where the hair is thick and then the skin is stretched and closed to cover the harvest area. Those harvested follicles are then implanted in the balding areas.

While I'm sure LeBron could afford the top of the line procedure, I wonder if the two week timeframe is standard or a rush job. LeBron's new hairline is sort of disturbing looking to me, I don't know if I'm focusing too much on it, like when you say a word over and over until it doesn't seem real anymore. To me the front of LeBron's hair looks higher and and fuller than the hair around it, which again, just screams plugs.

It's not a route I'd be likely to pursue to address my own baldness, the hair plug process creeps me out and in many applications it looks terrible, which is more embarassing than just being bald to me personally. But if I were pursue plugs I don't think I'd be naive enough to think I was fooling anyone and would likely have to embrace it head-on like Wayne Rooney. I suppose if millions of dollars depended on my continued marketability and I was being scrutinized constantly for my headband placement, maybe I'd have a different opinion on the matter.

Either way, I can't help but notice that like a true-to-life Samson, LeBron performs better when he's confident about his hair. At least that's a less nefarious reason for his hiatus, hairline changes and subsequent dominant play than the hints about PED use that are floating around. It is pretty comical that the NBA is only starting their testing for HGH next season (2015-'16), so an allegation of HGH-use would technically not be cheating, but cheating your hairline watchers is just as scandalous.
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