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End of an Era AND Lights. Camera. Cousins. :: 08.08.2010 @ 11:45 PM
As of 10:36pm EST today August 8th, 2010 when I submitted my last C# program of the semester to the University of Massachussetts, my college days officially came to an end.

This is no small day in the life of as this site has been up to this point the home of my (mostly nonacademic) college era exploits.

We're talking the end of an era, and when your "college days" cover the span of 8 years, the term "era" is not just hyperbolic exaggeration. Of course, there's always the chance I choose to pursue an MBA in the near future (if for nothing more than to stretch my college years to an even decade).

So we're talking rebirth, a new direction and very likely different content. My immediate plans are to focus some of my energies towards growing my personal business, but I've also got some changes to this site queued up which I should finally have the time to implement.

Although, we both know that in the years post JMU, that this site's content has had a more mature voice (read: boring) and has been updated significantly less frequently. So the fact that I'm finished with UMass only means that I'll have more free time, and while that implies more time for both content-generating social engagements as well as site improvements, there is of course no direct correlation.


In other news, I spent last week in South Nags Head, North Carolina with my extended family on our annual Outer Banks vacation. By my count that make 25 out of 27 summers (I'm 26 but I'm including my zero year) that I've spent at least one week in OBX, which I consider a pretty impressive run. That's a quarter century, folks and should provide me some sort of "honorary local" status, granting me special rights above those of your average tourist (and yes thank you, I would like both a cookie and a medal if you're giving them out).

Both my brother Dave and I took numerous pictures of the trip with my new Sony NEX-5 compact DSLR camera, and the majority of those photos as well as my review of said camera are deserving of their own articles which should be forthcoming (Editor's Note: Not Forthcoming). However, I did upload a new photo gallery from one evening when we experimented with long exposures and came up with some pretty cool shots, a select few of which are below:

dave on the brain - obx 2010 lightshow

chris - obx 2010 lightshow

keira - obx 2010 lightshow

danwho - obx 2010 lightshow

cousin standoff - obx 2010 lightshow

alex protects chris from tim - obx 2010 lightshow

alex forcefield - obx 2010 lightshow

conor - obx 2010 lightshow

headless dave - obx 2010 lightshow

I'd like to stress that none of these photos have been photoshopped in any way, these are all the product of leaving the camera's shutter open for ten seconds and having the subject stand completely still while other people used flashlights to produce the light effects.

Check out the full gallery here: OBX 2010: Lights. Camera. Cousins.

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