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Pale Force 2: Jim Gaffigan and Conan O'Brien
02.24.2006: Video
Gaffigan's interview on Conan and the premiere of the second installment of his Pale Force cartoon. In this episode it focuses on how Conan O'Brien came to join Gaffigan as the Pale Force duo. All voices by Jim Gaffigan. I took the liberty of removing your nipples.
Home Movies: Franz Kafka Rock Opera
02.10.2006: Video
Kafka's Metamorphosis portrayed through the beauty of music portrayed through the beauty of squiggle-vision cartoons. Compilation of all the clips from Dwayne's Franz Kafka Rock Opera in the Director's Cut episode of Home Movies. Stars the voice talents of Brendon Small as both Brendon and Dwayne, Melissa Bardin Galsky as Melissa and H. Jon Benjamin as Jason.
The foundation on which my life is built is eroding piece by piece
01.09.2004: Blog
Brawny Paper Towels dropped a bomb on me when they replaced their classic mustached lumberjack spokes-cartoon with a new clean-shaven youthful lumberjack