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Plug It In, Plug It In: The LeBron James Story
06.12.2015: Blog
LeBron James cut his head in the NBA Finals and his reaction seemed to be concerned with privacy first. That along with the scar on the back of his head reinforced my idea that has in fact gotten hair plugs and potentially had a treatment in Miami during his two-week hiatus from the Cavs.
The Daily Show: Charles Barkley
02.02.2006: Video
This would be a clip of Jon Stewart interviewing Charles Barkley, but it's actually just the scattered ramblings of two buddies BSing on tv. From The Daily Show with Jon Stewart's Tribute to Alan Greenspan episode.
Royal Rumble at the Palace
11.20.2004: Blog
Minutes after Ron Artest and the Pistons and Pacers got into that famous brawl I wrote about it