These are garfield comics created by myself and my two brothers, David and Alex...some of these date back to when we were quite young, hence some of the pointless comics, and the abundance of fart jokes.

Some are relatively new, and as new ones are added they will be put at the top, but other than that, the comics are in no real order. We can't quite remember which brother is responsible for some of the older ones, so I feel it neccessary to present all of them equally.

Some of the comics are admittedly not funny, clever, or interesting. However, some of them have been described by many with words like "Genius," "Brilliant," "Hysterical," "Groundbreakingly momentous and historic," and "I Loved it." And those are actual quotes, so if one doesn't do it for you, the next one might just do you hard. who knows.

click on the first cell or the title of the comic to see the entire thing

Lady Advice

Dicked Over

A Little Blue

Jon's Day


Full Of Crud

Lonesome Dooty

New Years Resolution

Hidden Camera 1:

Hidden Camera 2:
Jons Life

Hidden Camera 3:
Animal Food

Hidden Camera 4:
Pull My Finger

Geico Mug

Upset Stomach

No Food From Fridge

No Point

Odie Has Gas

Odie's Problem

Odie Tries Help

Santa's List

Secrets Revealed

Bird Or Sleep

Jon Makes Friends 1:
Monkey Calls

Jon Makes Friends 2:
What The?

Jon Makes Friends 3:
Love Letters

Not Funny

Odie's Mishap

Pumpkin Pie

Strikes Again

Garfield Gas

Dog Attack

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