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this is me, laughing at you The Dot Net
Originating in the summer of 2002 as a livejournal, the first seedlings of were born into the mind of one danwho. I started the journal as a place to ramble my thoughts into words, in hopes of someday turning those words into coherent sentences. Whether or not I have reached that meager goal is still the subject of much discussion. Slowly teaching myself very basic HTML skills, I have built that once meaningless, boring journal into a boring, meaningless website.

The one thing I did, and did well was update frequently. Sure it was all adjective-laden crap but it was abundant, and free to all. Then, I learned PHP and some other nifty little web tricks, made the mock Windows XP layout, which some people simply didn't get and others applauded loudly for while standing on chairs with shrill whistles filling the air.

Since then I've reworked the layout into a less Microsoft-heavy Desktop, and added video capture capabilities to provide more media content.

To end this worthless description section, I'll tell you what I told Livia, the webmaster at, when she asked for a description of my site so she could put together a links page with info straight from the horses' mouths:

"A complete waste of your time, ehh? You into that? Come on...what are you doing right now? I bet whatever it is, it could probably use a few photoshopped pictures of me to spruce it up. Visit frequently and become a regular at a place, not totally unlike Cheers, where everyone is glad you came, and by that, I mean that I'm glad you came, except for the fact that I don't really care."

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The Danwho
I live in New Jersey, despite spending 3 years in Virginia at JMU. No, I didn't graduate early...after three years I had only just finished my sophomore year. I had been on academic probation every semester following my first one, and had been academically suspended each spring semester, only returning each fall after taking summer classes to up my GPA to squeak-by status.

My last name is not actually 'Who' but I did spend much of high school telling people that it was and seeing if they believed me. To convince them I'd often provide proper identification (see right). My real last name has all kinds of Z's and J's that don't belong, so its not worth trying to remember or pronounce.

To boot, there were roughly 8 Dan's in my high school class, and I was one of the two that came from a private middle school from another town, so add it all up and if there was going to be a Who, it was going to be me.

The nickname was somewhat self-appointed, well it was a group concensus, because it just made sense. It started in 10th or 11th grade, When a someone would call a friend that I was hanging out with, the caller would usually ask who was presently there. My friends would rattle off names, most of which would instantly register a individual face in the caller's mind.

When they would say "..and Dan" or "we're all hanging out at Dan's" or "Dan is in the corner doing drugs with a grizzly bear" the person on the other end would, 9 times out of 10, wish to fully understand and get a clear mental picture of the scene and ask "Dan Who?"

Eventually I got fed up with describing myself and told people to just respond with "Exactly."

My Dad has always hated our last name and asked the family, if we would want to legally change it, and I said yes, but he didn't want to be the Who family even if it is better than Szarejko (Shur-Ay-Ko).
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Danwho (Daniel Patrick Nathaniel "Danny-Z" Szarejko) loves you

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