Duke Dog is the people's champion and more popular than you.

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Positive Campaign:

A Few Good Reasons To Vote for Duke Dog

  • Duke Dog would Vote For You.

  • Duke Dog Brings Smiles to the faces of Children.

  • Duke Dog Pumps up the Athletes.

  • Duke Dog Oozes School Spirit.

  • Duke Dog's got undeniably hot dance moves.

  • Duke Dog loves America.

  • Duke Dog is loyal to a fault.

  • Duke Dog has repeatedly beaten Deep Blue that super computer at Chess.

  • Duke Dog once rescued a family of ship wrecked Cuban immigrants and taught them to play baseball.

  • If you went out on a date with Duke Dog, and he says he'll call, you better damn believe he is going to call.

  • No reported illegitimate children.

  • Duke Dog smells like a summer breeze.

  • Duke Dog wrote the bulk of the series Seinfeld, but refused a writing credit due to modesty.

  • Duke Dog likes to cook, you should taste his homemade Apple Pie, it's fantastic.

  • Duke Dog is the cleanest animal around, I don't even think he knows the meaning of defecate.

  • When Duke Dog kisses you, he does so passionately and you feel like the most important person on the planet.

  • Duke Dog taught Superman how to fly, Tom Hanks how to act, and Burt Reynolds how to groom a mustache.

Duke Dog Bio

An English bulldog, James Madison's magnificent mutt began entertaining fans in 1982 and quickly became top dog. Adorned in royal duds, Duke Dog keeps his team out of the doghouse, using his canine charisma to inspire players and fans to adopt a winning attitude.

Favorite food: Alpo Chicken Dinner...wet, not dry.

Favorite celebrity: Snoopy

Favorite song: Bad to the Bone

Most embarassing moment: Getting beaten by Grimace in a Mascot Basketball Game

What the ladies say about him: He's one popular guy, he really is the Top Dog on Campus

Favorite TV Show and/or Movie: Duke Dog loves old re-runs of Lassie, now that dog was a role model.

Signature Move: Crowd Surfing

Proudest Moment: The year the Homecoming Theme was "The Year of the Duke Dog"

- (courtesy of CapitalOneBowl.com)