Thursday, October 30th, 2003

Subject:"i got the wiggly feel"....-juan pierre
Time:1:30 am.
a minute with danwho-perI watched A Minute With Stan Hooper tonight, the new Norm MacDonald sitcom....Damnit Norm..i really wanted to like it, i really tried..and i'm not going to dismiss the enitre series on one bad episode, but if that's your Premiere, how do you expect people to keep watching...I sat there and 10 minutes in i was embarrassed.

embarassed for Norm MacDonald, embarassed for Fred Willard, embarassed for the line" Hooper your shredding us like mozzarella" from Willard that has been in the promos for the past 6 months, which A) isn that funny to begin with and B) has been killed by the frequent commercials was C) forced and insulting, coming after a line that did not merit that reaction...

the acting is beyond terrible, the jokes aren't funny, and definitely dont make any sense to the story/scene/context of conversation....Their were a few jokes that didn't suck, but Norm didnt get to say anything halfway funny...Is wasting his comic timing talent and making him just the boring main character the best way to get Norm a prolonged job on tv? and the actress who plays his wife, was simply horrendous, Penelope Ann Miller, yes THE penelope ann miller who played Dominic's mom, Crisp's ex and Detective John Kimble's love interest in Kindergarten Cop, one of the finest movies of all time...

judging a bitch by her coverOk, man, The OC, i dont want to get into following this pretty person melodrama, but sitting and just watching this bullshit and yelling at the tv with my suitemates is a great good time....Marissa's mom is a bitch, what a bitch, she divorces Ian Ziering and wants full custody of Marissa so she can send her to a psychological institute....she blames Ryan for Marissa's accidental/attempted suicide, but Ryan loves her and saved her life...bitch, bitch bitch, i hope she chokes and dies on her fake they soak up her makeup on the way down her face and go in her mouth and she chokes on the 2inch schalaccking/poisonous makeup...

but her character is just a plain bitch, so its good casting that they found a woman who just looks like a bitch, Melinda Clarke, has been on shows like Charmed, probably playing a witch or some shit...on Xena, as some warrior bitch, CSI, again no doubt a bitch, on Star Trek: Enterprise, as an alien bitch, and in Return of the Living Dead 3, as some dead ogre bitchface... you can check out a few more attractive shots of the bitch we love to hate that FHM took here.

so i'm thinking, shes a bit typecast, but its her fault for looking like a bitch, i bet most people who look like bitches are bitches, and here's why: because even if they are originally nice by nature, (not naughty by..hahhaha o man, nevermind) then people treat them like bitches because they look the part, so to compensate for being treated like a bitch, is to be a bitch...say it with me...self fulfilling prophecy...fucking bitch..

Twins like devito and mr universea shitty photoshop job, shutup jerkif shes undead, i'm taking up necrophiliaMore OC stuff..Ryan and Marissa look like brother and sister, and they are courting each other, and some day, when the show reaches its apex..BAM incest city...and hey, get this marissa, she's pretty hot, the actresses name is Mischa Barton, guess what other charcter was played by little miss barton, The fucking dead girl who was puking creamed corn after her mom was poisoning her, in the Sixth Sense...that crazy little gross girl grew up to be this hot thing, i mean makeup goes a long way, and i'm not saying she really looks lilke she's undead, but she can puke on cue, so she might be a zombie...where is this going?

In NBA news,
the knicks have the "Woo-Hooo" from the Blur song "Song 2", as a crowd pumper upper, but its mixed so that the wooohooo plays three times real fast...this is used when say howard eisley hits a three or Doleac gets his fat white hands on an errant pass....i thought it was worth mentioning, cuz i dunno, its kinda stupid and cool i guess, shut up...anddd who would have thought Van Horn would become the Knicks' offense...its only the first game but damn, New York led Orlando by 10 with 2 minutes left, Van Horn fouls out, after a great night and Orlando goes on a 12-2 run to force OT, and wins the game in the extra period.

Lebron, Lebron...having a game and a half, and Carmelo helping the Nuggets beat the defending champ Spurs.

in the new ESPN NBA times square studio, why is Greg Anthony sitting on Bill Laimbier's lap, these two are sitting so close on one side of the desk that they honestly could be fingering each others' asses without anyone knowing....

I just saw the new commercial for the new incarnation of Napster...i had heard that the name and service had been bought by Roxio, seeing how the Napster name was known countrywide during the peak of the hoopla...and now its back, legal and competing with pay services like Itunes...i dont know, i just thought you might want to know that i saw the i am really off today...

Hey the live action Cat in the Hat movie, starring Mike Myers is coming out soon, and I'm excited...But then again, i'm not that excited..see its funny because, I think its gonna be great and about time, YAY and im so happy...but then i think wait, Its Mike Myers and he is hilarious, but hes in a fur and makeup getup with a funny voice so that he's barely recognizeable, in a seussically stylistic children's movie...and this is exactly like the live action Grinch, starring Jim Carrey...all the same ingredients...and if its the same result, well i'll be let down, i dont know what i am expecting, but i couldnt sit through the live action Grinch, and still havent seen the whole thing, so why bother see Cat in the Hat, right? See you talked me out of it, and i should thank you for saving me 9.50...

Norm you're shreading me like mozzarella...or something to the effect of i'd rather take a cheese grater to my face than sit through bad acting, thats not funny bad, just sad
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Subject:Budweiser Not Seat
Time:2:37 am.
Interviews only second to those done on the Wayne Brady ShowI love ESPSN, but The Budweiser Hot Seat is taken way too seriously on Sportscenter. Dan Patrick or Steve Levy sit in the darkened room with the monitors behind them with flickering fiery graphics to imply some sort of dramatic urgency and importance, but what is so important about it?...

Perhaps the big bucks Budweiser pays for the endorsement, thats a serious issue, but the actual content of the questioning sessions is more of an exercise in futility. The whole interview is done in a slow and plodding method, for the most seriousness and drama. The fact that some of the players on the hot seat are via satelittle and the feed has a short delay, may be more than an incidental drawback from the technology, but more of a deliberate attempt to slow down the pace.

Sure the interviewer asks the tough questions, hanging each phrase for utmost contrast, covering all aspects hoping for a good soundbite, something juicy that I can drool over later, as I have an argument with Kornheiser and Wilbon through the tv, but how often do the players on the "hot seat" ever offer up anything worth while.

Most players are smarter than that, they don't want to be forced into saying anything that could later come back to hurt them. However, of course there are those players who get into the hot seat who play ball, are forthright and who say the extraordinary, but most of them are the Warren Sapps, Charles Barkleys or the Jeremy Shockeys of the sports world...

Does getting controversial info out of these loudmouths require the stoicism employed? These guys would gladly give you their opinion every day of the week, on the record or off, in a relaxed atmosphere or under the bright lights of the police interrogation room...but go ahead, play it up like this stage makes it mean more.

What makes this forum grander than any other interview? Nothing. The fact that the segment is promo-ed by invoking the serious ramifications of what could happen once the player finds themselves in this uncomfortable environment, is most likely the biggest reason no huge scoop ever gets reported. Any player in their right mind, who agrees to partake in this segment, that has an opinion that they don't want to get out, will be more careful not to 'spill the beans' after the hot seat has been hyped to this extent. They will be more careful to answer each topic with a high level of delicacy, because they know the point of the hot seat is for the interviewer to try, more than ever to break the big news.

A great deal of controversial interviews in sports occur after a big win, a big loss, in joking, or when a player is caught off-guard. Player Emotion and Comfort can easily breed comments that can get Woody Paige and Max Kellerman in a frenzy. The Budweiser Hot Seat does not invoke emotion or let the players get comfortable, and rarely gets the quote of the week.

And you have to love how the only break in the atmosphere is when Dan Patrick will get angry and argue for the player to answer a question that the player is dancing around...Or when Steve Levy, in the same serious, almost angry but stone faced tone acknowledges the fact that the player who is dodging an issue, is smarter than him, and not going to incriminate themselves.

Of course the more often you make players sit down in front of the spanish inquisition, and berade them with tricky questions, the better chance someone slips up, and says something Bob Ryan or Mike Lupica can write about in tommorow's sports section...and the more you hype up the segment on Sportscenter, the more we think maybe something might be said that is worth watching....either way, hopefully someone falls for a trick.
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Tuesday, October 28th, 2003

Subject:coming back with a whole lotta nothing
Time:3:38 am.
Well my site is back up, i switched servers and there was a little bug that developed in the swtich, and my family was visiting so i didn't do much to fix the problem until now....but i dont have to tell you this, if you are reading this now, then you must know that my site is back up, i mean are u just imagining this? well let me set you straight, this ain't no lucid dream, this is not Waking Life, I'm not the series finale of St. Elsewhere, nor am i the final episode of Dallas...get these few facts straight 'and the rest is creme cheese'

I'm watching the second episode of Leno of the night on NBC's Late Night All Night, and its on mute and sometimes the second episode is an old repeat from a long time ago, sometimes its from that night or the day i dont know the timeframe but when did Alyssa Milano cut her hair?!

not timely or interesting, way to go danThis might be old news, because i dont watch charmed...but i am registered at "The Sister's Three Web Forum"....let me explain, i was looking for pictures of her new haircut and the forum led me to believe there was a magic treasure trove of recent picture bhind the secret gates, but only registered users gained access to the safe haven for charmed i signed up...and yes that makes me a huge loser....

back to the hair...i've seen her with shortish hair but not ultrathin like deli meat and plastered to her scalp...I've got no problems with short hair, ladies i'm very open to everything, but Milano is lookin a little too much like that fiery angry dykey gun-toting character from Pam Andersen's know the one..

ok upon a little research on the ol' internet and turns out this is old news, July of this past summer old, she was on Leno in September...for all i know her hair has grown down to her calves by now, so this was worthless, but not worth erasing and you know why? cuz i have nothing better to say at this ungodly hour...and its probably not because i'm braindead and tired but because i'm so uncomfortable when you stare at me like that.

New links:
nobloodnofoul----The biggest event penned in my mental calendar for the past month has finally arrived...No Blood No Foul dot com has been officially launched, and tonight at midnight on the east coast, i dove into it headfirst, insatiably hungry for the fruit of our anticipation...Coming into the game with a fine stable of good articles already in the bank, and the promise of constant updates,, will most likely revolutionize the world in which we live...the brilliant lovechild of's resident genious, Ryan Perry and broadcaster in the making, Matt Cahill, NBNF is a glimpse of heaven on earth for sports fans and lets say human beings who experience heart beats and contiuous expansion and compression of the lungs with any sort of regularity.

goosetown-----also check out Goosetown, a simple but well written blog by Geoff Baio, well he has another last name but he took it off his site, and i dont feel like asking, lets just say Geoff Baio, i mean i was introduced to him as that, so lets go with it, he's a JMU alum and a good guy who comes to visit every once and a while, and he writes stuff you should read about, and you're not cousins with the one and only Scott Baio are you?... well see now he's got one up on you really owe him the support after that little embarassment i just made out what you thought was your life doing pretty well.

Conan: "the only person who went to college was our announcer, Joel Goddard."
Joel: "and all i learned was how to be a drunken failure."
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Thursday, October 23rd, 2003

Time:4:18 am.
Hey hows it been? don't look at me like that, donnnn't, i know why you're mad and well i have to be honest, i've been too lazy to write you, and it makes me as mad as it must make you...but lets fix this, theres nothing a little love cant fix...

roger in the penAs you know, i am a Yankee fan, born and bred, and i was pissed when Clemens couldnt get the win, happy when Florida gave him a standing O, excited when the yanks came back from 3-1 to tie the game in the ninth, i was pissed when we couldnt score with bases loaded and 1 out in the 10th...but i was so happy for baseball that the innings kept rolling and very happy for Alex Gonzalez.

You gotta love the guy who is 1 for 17 in the series and hits a walk off homer, even if it causes the Yankees to lose... i mean if it had been a deciding game, and the yanks lost a close one like that, i would probably be boring a hole in my face with a 3/4" drill bit, to match the one that Luis Gonzalez gave me in 2001...but the Marlins, showed the skeptics that this will be a great close series, and that is good news for everyone...go yanks.

During the Yankee game, Denise and her sisters, Joy and Meg, were dressed all in black getting ready to partake in some devious behavior...Denise's large chug-mug with her name on it was stolen at a party a while back and through some secret intelligence, they learned that it was currently in the possession of another girl named Denise, who's address they had obtained....Equipped with a uncomprehensible map, which couldnt possibly aid the enemy if they had gotten their hands on it, they decided lets drink a Box-O before we get going on this highly sensitive mission...So these 3 girls downed most of a box of wine and headed out..and with their getaway driver, Brad, waiting in the car, they proceeded to knock on all the doors anywhere remotely close to the actual residence, and when they finally found the right door, the evil Denise was not at home...well a successful mission, i'd say.

Well i need a haircut, and i was thinking about a good haircut....just thinking...randomly and sleep deprived...hear me out...There is a haircut, simple and understated that symbolizes maturity and wisdom...

short hair=big growthThe haircut in question is one made famous in my mind by William Russ, you might know him better by Alan Matthews on the show Boy Meets World, or the father from American History X...well, "Rusty" as he is known at home, went from shaggy young hip father who managed a grocery store and kissed Betsy Randle a lot, to the wise father figure, who owned a sporting goods store and dealt with some important, more serious adult issues...

and this transformation can be chronicled by his haircut, which got progressively shorter as the kids got older...he wasn't losing his hair, but his once Mr. Turner-esque flowing curly hair slowly got closer to his head and less curly, until at the end of the series it was a a touch above a soft crew cut...(also note that his hair was curlier and untamed than that first picture in the early days and shorter and more matted down than the second picture in the end of the series, but come on, i couldnt find a whole lot of pictures of William Russ with different haircuts.)

like oprah with the weight changesAlso, over a large amount of time, we've seen Matthew Perry change looks as Chandler Bing more often than some clever comparison i cant think of, and his current haircut is the one that shows the most growth, but its the it could be the fact that he is married now on the show and is trying to have a baby...or perhaps its his new clean living healthy lifestyle as a human being, cuz we know at least one of his looks was drug related,

the thing is to pull off this look, i think you have to get a tan and put on weight in the face, but not fat weight, age weight...someday, someday, thats my haircut...reserved for me for a future date.

Talking about haircuts,
It seems to be that often in movies, especially movies about growth and maturation, that one of the characters goes through a major transformation, and at the root of the "new" you is a shorter haircut, its fresh and new and now you are more aerodynamic and ready to seize the happens more than i'd like to admit. My mind is a blank, i am so tired, and i know there are so many obvious teen drama movies that are perfect examples, please leave me feedback if you have better luck with your brain, but i'll throw out a few,

The New Guy: Dizzy Gillespie, wants to be cool at his new school after an embarrasing hazing at his old highschool, and goes from having more hair than DJ Qualls' tiny head could support to short bleached and o yeah, he gets to be with Eliza Dushku at the end, so score one for the haircut.

Royal Tennebaums: Luke Wilson, in love with his adopted sister, has a dramatic cartharsis and shaves his full wooly beard, and long locks, right before slicing his wrists, as Elliot Smith's 'Needle in the Hay' plays...he later is perfectly fine and it sparks part of the change that brings the family together (Side Note: Elliot Smith killed himself yesterday, which is a shame, he made some really moving music)

Rushmore: another Wes Anderson film, Bill Murray's lazy depression turns to motivated change after Max spurs him on, the turning point in Max's father's barber shop, where Bill Murray gets a shave and haircut and goes from unkept and sloppy to GQ...well he looks better at least.

About a Boy: the boy gets the life he wants and has brought his mom from suicide to happiness and Will, the loner womanizer who is empty inside, to a happy family setting...throughout the movie, this kid had a hideous English school child hair helmet and in the last scene where everything has clicked and some time has passed, he is older and wiser and happier and has a shorter, but still hideous haircut.

Encino Man: remember that? i mean it doesnt fit the formula but hey, when Brendan Frasier unfroze he had long hair covered in mud and then he got cleaned up and had like a crazy unkept almost dreadlock kinda whatever.

what an awful update, i post better drunk than sleepy...
Harland: maybe thats why that old lady said stop spraying whipped cream on my bushes
Conan: [laughing] Im sorry you say the dumbest things
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Monday, October 20th, 2003

Subject:"its not even yesterday anymore, its fucking today!"-rocky
Time:5:36 pm.
I came back from edinboro expecting my site to still be down due an bandwidth OD, but thanks to Matt from Mindlash for spotting me some good faith bandwidth to keep the site up, until i could get back and talk about a new pricing package, now thats customer service...

I had a good time in Edinboro, had a lot of fun with Matt and Ben, and matt's roomates and friends were really nice too, Rocky and Steve and Danielle were all very hospitable and fun to hang with. Erin Walsh and Joe McHale were there on thursday night before they went to Notre Dame with Mike, i stayed in Edinboro all weekend and had a great time.

the marlins have never lost a post season victory- rocky

Thursday night, we watched matt's improv group, Deviant Behavior, and it was so damn funny, nonstop hilarious...later we were drinking and watching game 7 of the ALCS, a great game, what baseball is all about, the guy who hasnt been hitting getting a walk off homer in extra innings against the pitcher who has owned the other team...its always a Leyritz, a Brosius, a Boone....after the game we were having a drunk sing along with some pizza and somebody called the cops, and we got off lucky that they only gave matt a noise violation, instead of underages and distributing to minors...

Friday night we drank and then went out to a frat, it was ok, i had fun meeting people and drinking, i really dont get too many basement parties at JMU, and i like to experience everything, but when the beer ran out and the max capacity of the party was being tested, we left and went across the street to Laddy's house, we hung out there, smoked and matt played the guitar, eventually the tension between matt and allison exploded and we got a nice little show, consisting of drunk sometime, me and Ben left, having had arranged for a steve and rocky to pick us up somewhere on campus, but we couldnt find them, and walked around campus in circles for a while.

Saturday night, me matt and michelle went to the Erie Zoo, and they were having a halloween festival, so the place was crawling with cute little toddlers wearing fuzzy animal costumes...the zoo was great, we had such a good time looking at night we went to Something Mu Alpha, and they had a nice finished basement with a few rooms, but they were checking IDs and giving out bracelets for beer, in order to cover their asses, they claimed they got busted the week before...anyway i showed my JMU JAC card which says that i'm 22, and got a bracelet, and matt got one too, he didnt get carded because they remembered he had gotten a bracelet a few weeks me and matt were beer bitches all night, but i really enjoyed it, i met so many more people that way, and got to be best of friends with the bartenders...

at the party, there was this newly announced, but very obviously gay kid named, well lets just call him Schmaydrian, who was giving me eyes...i was smiling at everyone and looking around early on in the party, being bubbly and friendly in this unfamiliar place, and i smiled at him a few times, but i didn't know he was gay from across the room, and he kept smiling at me, and i'm like hes a friendly guy too, nice...

but then when he kept walking past me and i'd have to move, and sometimes we did one of those both go the same way, then back the other way stalemates, i was avoiding eye contact and matt said he was licking his lips and humping the ground, well not really, but he was trying to flirt with this is no big deal, but i feel bad about what happened later...

matt was feeling down about some issues and i was trying to distract him and make things up to get his mind off of his problems, and i said that Schmaydrian had tried to kiss me, just jokingly, but he went crazy like i was serious, and i screamed something like "i was joking, schmaydrian didnt kiss me! but its not too far-fetched is it, so u believed me" and Schmaydrian was right behind me, i turned around and he was angrily putting on his coat, and said "i'm out of here, i hate these guys, they're so pretentious!" i feel bad...

its like looking in a mirrorAlso on saturday, i dont know how it started, mind you i was pretty drunk, but i was explaining to some girls, the fact that i was smiling nonstop all night, I am a BABY...i don't get down on drama, you ever see a baby get in a fight? 'put up ur dukes, little fella, i'ma knock that pacifier outcho mouf'...Babies are happy, i mean they cry, but but thats when they have a reason and they want to let you know about it...They are honest, and i always try to be very honest, if only for the fact that i am a terrible liar and i am deathly afraid of being caught in a lie.

babies can stare into space and be happy for hours, and so can i, im lazy and i drool, i have erratic sleep habits, i mumble jibberish to myself....matt says i'm going to be diagnosed with early senile dementia the way i mumble to myself constantly...but babies dont create meaningful relationships either, plutonic mother/baby relationships aside...and i have good relationship with my mom, but most of my relationships are surface coochie-coo, peekaboo, simple, usually memorable but basic happy little i kept walking around saying, "I'm So Happy" and smiling and telling people im a happy little ignorant but blissful baby.

back at JMU and the reality is setting money, less than stellar grades but still i'm so happpy
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Thursday, October 16th, 2003

Subject:You can hate the Yankees, but c'mon Boston really isn't basket in which to place all your eggs.
Time:4:57 am.
Music:abandoned pools- clone high theme.
I really didn't want to post, because i'm angry and it probably wont come out that great...that and i really dont have much in the way of content tonight...i really have been trying to avoid writing every update about sports, mainly baseball...that is the main thing on my mind however, but what can i tell you that hasnt been said, not much...

The yankees lost and i was really feeling bummed, but i mean this is what dreams are made of, Clemens vs. Pedro, Yankees/Red Sox in the Bronx, Game 7, and after the drama of game 4, the ratings should be through the roof, so major league baseball is happy, Fox is happy and the sports writers are happy. One more day to write and talk about odds and curses...

I don't doubt the Yanks abilltity to win this series, but the fact that any batter in the Boston lineup can hurt you on any pitch is always a scary idea, i mean the yankees are equally as dangerous, and we all know this can go either way...its one game, 9 innnings, 54 outs...Pedro doesnt scare me, the Bronx bombers have been able to hit him, as much as the fact that Roger is pitching so well, and playing what could be his last game ever, should scare the Red Sox....and Wakefield in relief could really make or break the game, because he owns the Yanks.

matt, marc and me enjoying a beautiful day in the bronxI am really sick of Ignorance...Yankee haters are buggin me, every team has bandwagon-jumpers...and the best team ever is going to have some, but i really don't know any... but how long on the wagon does it take to claim residency...the Yankees have had the most impressive franchise in sports history since the 1920's and while i can't claim to have been a fan since then, i was born and raised a Yankee fan, watching games with my dad since i was old enough to recognize the flickering images and pretty colors...

Thats the 80's folks, when if you remember, the Yankees weren't any damn good...When, Don Mattingly, Donnie Baseball, was the shining polished jewel in the yankees crown, smelt in the '20s, that was hidden under cobwebs for a decade. Shit, my little brother Alex, who is a fantastic baseball player, and a right hander by design, trained himself as a lefty batter watching and imitating Donnie Baseball in the living room, game after game...soo tell me again about this bandwagon...

I've heard arguments to the effect that a lot of Yankee fans don't know any of the players, and i've never met anyone that fits that description, but the only thing i can think of, is that people of foreign decent who claim Yankees allegiance, may not really be true blue fans of the team, but thats because the Yankees are seen as a beacon of Americanism by many outside the country, its a recognizable symbol...i'm not being racist of trying to unfair in this generalization but, many Cubans are fans of the Yankees due players like Orlando 'El Duque' Hernandez and Jose Contreras, both signed by the Yankees as they fled from Cuba. Just like many Dominicans are Sammy Sosa fans, there are many Asian Ichiro fans and now Matsui fans...

I've also heard the argument about the Yankees having the highest payroll, which is true. New York is a big market, It supports two of the consistently top five highest spending teams, (the Mets are up there, and aren't putting together the same results) but Boston is right up there in the top five as well...but get this, The Yankees make a lot of money in New York, the most revenue generated by a baseball team, Steinbrenner's revenue generated to money spent on payroll ratio is smaller than just about every other teams' ...more simply, for the amount of money the franchise takes in he, could feel justified spending even more than he spends maybe its not as excessive as we all thought..i mean i feel bad for small market teams, but the Red Sox are not by any means a small market team.

I also heard the argument that when Raul Mondesi played on the Yankees, he batted ninth, and he's a player that on any other team could be a clean up hitter, well i agree, except that Jason Varitek, the boston catcher who hit 25 homeruns this season and 4 this post season, bats ninth for Boston, i'd like him as my cleanup if i were any other team too.

i didn't want to get into this but this blind hatred of the Yanks is bleeding into pathetic attempts to bash all things new york...Over the weekend i was too drunk to quip back at this one ignoramus who supported his virginia teamless confusion and yankee hatred with the argument that their was nothing uniquely American about New York, the CITY...

he went past disliking the team that wins, being jelaous of beautiful tradition and excellence, to attacking the city that never sleeps...When he said this i was almost passed out, having been drinking since 10am and the only thing American i could think to jokingly respond with was: "Apple Pie, they gotta make some in the city somewhere"...mike keown did a pretty good drunken job berading this moron...but i think we can all agree this kid is a jerkoff, and i should have drunkenly decked him like a 72 old man...or do we have to get into what makes a place American?...No? Good.

And in closing, i really cant get enough Jeffery Mayer references from these Virginia resident, Baltimore Orioles fans, really its so interesting and funny, i wish i could hear them all the time, i wish i was a bitchy whiny baby sorry ur team's owner wants to sit on his wallet, and i'm sorry the left field umpire made a horrendous call, but you making my ears bleed about that little brat isn't going to make Tony Tarasco catch that ball, or the Orioles play anything but golf in October for 5 to 10 years at least.

I was really looking forward to the Cubs making the series, other than it would make Michael Wilbon happy, because they seemed like underdogs, and when its not my team, i like the underdog, i like seeing things that are surprising and unexpected...but when the Cubs, set NLCS records for runs scored and home runs hit in a series, and went up 3 games to 1, they became the favorites, in my head, even though Wilbon and cubs fans had been robbed before and had to have some skepticism left, how could the Marlins win 3 in a row, including 2 at Wrigley against Mark Prior and Kerry Wood...

Well to the dismay of cubbies fans and the many adopted well wishers as of late, the Marlins did the impossible, just the way you couldn't imagine but kinda suspected all at the same time...Congrats to Josh Beckett, that kid is sick, straight outta high school. a year or two in the pros and nothing but promise for his future...also Pudge Rodriguez, this guy was going no where with Texas, a perrenial allstar, one of the best catchers of all time, and he has a chance at a ring, and if the Yankees blow it, and the Marlins play the Red Sox, i sure hope I-Rod gets a ring.

where is my autoMOBILEIn non Baseball news, i just heard on CNN that they are making a sequel to Sixteen Candles, yes, John Hughes's Sixteen Candles, its going to revisit the lives of the Samantha Baker, Jake Ryan, Long Duk Dong and Farmer Ted on Sam Baker's 32nd bday, and its gonna be called Thirty-Two Candles...I got shocked and excited at the same time, during the piece on CNN, and at the end, they say, its being made for TV, the USA network and there is no news as to if the original cast will be in it or not...what a tease...

I mean Molly Ringwald is most likely free, and Michael Schoeffling who played Jake Ryan probably doesnt have job offers piling up all over his agents office, and Gedde Watanabe (Long Duk Dong), may not even have an agent anymore..but Anthony Michael Hall's career was ressurected by the Dead Zone series, but wait that is on USA, so maybe contractionally, they can force him...but there is no way either John Cusack, or joan for that matter, would lower themselves to this hack project....who knows, but i'm not excited anymore.

I am going to edinboro PA to see matt, with mike, and some others, im not sure excited to hang with matt and i love road trips in general... its JMU's fall break, so i wont be updating for a few days, hey who cares, nobody reads this shit, well thats not true because i'm tetering on the edge of my bandwidth limits, with a big chunk of the month left to go, damn i wish i had some money, if you want to buy the complete series of Adventures of Pete and Pete on VHS or the hilarious movie no one knows exists Project: ALF then please IM or Email me and i will get back to you when i get back.

I put up a new garfield comic page, i've got tons done, but i cant put them up for another week, so sit tight
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Tuesday, October 14th, 2003

Subject:you'll never find a tougher pair of painters...or a stupider commercial.
Time:3:42 am.
We've all seen enough television, even if you don't watch tv very often, to have seen an Old Navy commercial, and i think it's safe to say, most everyone who has sat through one of these, pretty much wanted to kill themselves...So this is nothing new, the fact that Old Navy's marketing is irritating as hell, it is of course really effective, because look at me, i've mentioned Old Navy three times and i'm only warming up...theres at least 2 more to come

fashionably obnoxiousof course i've never been to Old Navy, and i dont have any clothes of that brand, not that i have anything against their clothes, good deals or employees...i just have never been there, and i really have no inclination to find the store nearest me and shop til i drop...and if i ever had any urge to go, i would remember one of the commercials and say..."wait, u almost got me, but fuck, what the hell is up with Cargo Fever? and don't get me started on the Rugby Bunch, forget it, i'm going to _______"(<--- your fine clothing establishment of choice here)....

Their newest commercial isn't the same kind of dumb...its a new low...This time, Old Navy hired the B list celeb power of Fran Drescher to sell their Painter's Pants...Drescher who, doesnt make me laugh or want to buy pants for that matter, hasn't had a good role since she played Bobbi Flekman in This is Spinal Tap. (Cadillac Man was pretty good and so was Jack, both Robin Williams vehicles, but that The Nanny shit was god awful...and i know Saturday Night Fever, right, but that was before Spinal Tap, and i said she hasnt had a good role since that, god don't u listen...)

The advertisement, is Fran Drescher, looking collagened up [edit: i meant botoxed, whatever who cares, she looks like she's had some work done, a little fake is what im saying, damn i can't hit a homerun everytime], walking down the street, and down stairs, while the song "Standing on the corner, watching all the guys go by, standing on the corner, giving all the guys the eye" plays...IN NOT ONE SCENE IS SHE STANDING ON A CORNER... she is walking the entire Slow Mo of course, giving these some might claim 'seductive', i say SCARY glances at guys who have passed her...It's just ridiculous, i hate it so much...

I've been foolin with my layout alot and yesterday i erased a huge chunk of code on accident and uploaded the maimed version, i was in a panic so then i just put up a page that said "oops" on it, to give myself some time to fix the problem, but then i got tired of that, so i put up a version that i thought was decent but it was all backwards and gross, but then i couldnt ftp to my server for like an hour, and when i finally could, i put up a mishmash mix 'em up with some new code and now its this, and well it will be changing soon again hopefully...

i used to work on my site late at night and thrive, creatvity flowed and i felt great, now i find myself frustrated and angry and drooping like a flower after 3am, and my typos are running rampant, more than usual, which is really annoying...

Trust me ryan gray, i didn't bump you down the list of links for any personal reason, i was just doing the mask a favor:

F ALC0N23: in the links section will you put me over the top of the madponies
F ALC0N23: i want to get on them just once

so now ryan perry is riding the madponies...
and ryan gray, now the madponies are riding you....
i feel its a good deal for everyone involved....

Instead of my usual large green font, i will leave you with a short little garfield comic next week, hopefully, i should have a new section up on my site featuring cartoons....

working a little blue, like Dennis Franz and Mark Paul Gosselar of the NYPD
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Friday, October 10th, 2003

Subject:mouth full of sunflower seeds, sun shining, i wish i was still playing baseball
Time:6:34 pm.
Music:the vandals - christmastime for my penis.
Im sorry to do this too you, but i'm writing two updates in a row, concerning Everyone's favorite Sports Programming Network,

so thaaats what Kobe didI found it appalling that yesterday, ESPN, a sports network, could openly discuss the details of the Kobe Bryant pre-trial hearing, graphically citing the details of the accuser's testimony...Not once, not a few times, but at least 10 times, in an hour bewteen 3 and 4 pm, prime afterschool television time for countless children...ESPN is usually considered safe to plop the kids down in front of, without having to worry about them hearing dialogue, more graphic than what cable channels edit out of movies shown in prime time...

Bob Ley, sat at his desk talking via satellite to a team of 3 or 4 correspondents and ESPN's lawyer, who were live in Eagle County, Colorado...Each correspondent went over the lurid sexual accounts provided by the police officer who first took the victim's statement...

phrases like "he grabbed her around the neck, bent her over a chair, pulled down her panties and forcibly penetrated her" and others like "he blocked the door, and told her she couldn't leave until she kissed his penis, and she was afraid of what he might do, so she did it" were thrown about like everyone watching was prepared for them. After most, not all, commercial breaks, Ley would offer a short verbal warning, "parents you might want to get small children out of the room," but it was greatly understated, and no sooner had he said it, than they were already discussing some of the seedier topics without much time to remove your children...

there was no written warning, and most of all, ESPN had just run a special report earlier that day and the day before about how to talk to your kids about Kobe, how to deal with this situation by being as honest as possible without giving away too much to kids who are still too young for this type of information, I felt that the piece was a good one, and dealt with the issue perfectly, however, it was a stark contrast to the tone of the live Kobe coverage..

i know ESPN has a journalistic repsonsibility to relay information and they were not the only source for this disturbing and graphic news, but i feel it may have been able to have been handled differently

if you want to be with Barry Manilow, then you get back on that phone and you call himTotally unrelated, whats going on with shows that change their names, like ABC's newest take on the Dragnet franchise which debuted last year under the name simply, Dragnet but has been changed to L.A. Dragnet this season. this incarnation still stars Ed O'neil but Ethan Embry, you may remember him from Empire Records, Vegas Vacation and Can't Hardly Wait, is gone, which is a shame, despite the fact that i never watched the show and have no plans to watch this newly named version. All else i can think of is, Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, also an ABC show, was changed to Two Guys and Girl but thats ok, the name was really long, they stopped working in the pizza place and the show was funny enough to sustain the change...

One of the first signs of a problem is denial, and on that note, I am not failing out of school again..a cry for help which i wouldnt dare accept..hahahah, i have a higher memory retention than most people, i know this is true, and you'd think that might serve me better to remember what happened last year...u stupid fool.

And i added a few new links,

madpony -Madpony, because once i started reading, despite attempts to physically distract myself i was enthralled with both Lauren and Kristin's writing talents, and had to read on and on...simply gorgeous too...the layout and the girls.

kzug -Kzug, because i should have linked it when she came to visit angel here at JMU, long overdue, she has already linked me, and i'm just a jerk, but she's not, read her good stuff

beejmeister -Beejmeister, because he linked me and aside from the feeling of obligation, i have enjoyed what i've read of his, even if i've only read like 10 updates, but he's on my list of everydays now

"united and lighted we stand, inebriated we fall" -ludacris
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Wednesday, October 8th, 2003

Subject:Cross Promotion or Realism
Time:4:02 pm.
as i sit here making a shopping list i'll never purchase and filing my badly bitten finger nails i was thinking, lets write something...

Making the Plays with Dan, Jim, Max and LeonI know a lot of you don't watch ESPN's fantastic football drama, Playmakers and i could stop talking to you right now for that, but last night's episode brought something up, that i'd like to talk about...

Since ESPN is the self proclaimed world leader in sports, and i'm not disagreeing, they definitely are, they have the resources to make a sports drama as real as possible. Not only do they investigate and report any and every sports related story, and therefore have thousands of possible, real to life story lines that they can base episodes of Playmakers on, but they also have every resource available to make the show as real as possible.

In last nights episode, ESPN may have gone too far in blurring the line between reality and their fictional series. One of the main characters, Leon Taylor, who in a fight with his wife, was fending off her punches and pushed her, causing her to fall down the stairs and sprain her wrist and split her lip, was charged with Felony Spousal Battery...he had come clean and explained the situation, how it was an accident, and how he has resolved this issue with his wife, along with going to counseling to handle his temper, and he was still arrested and charged, despite his wife not wishing to press charges....

During the course of the episode, the characters made references to the Laker's not suspending Kobe even though he was accused of rape and Jason Kidd hitting his wife and coming clean, and how it didn't hurt his reputation very much. This is getting a little too real, and right out of left field... i've seen every episode thus far and, in no other one, had references been made to real people...and suddenly now, this fictional football team exists in the same plane of existence as my reality?

Now that's forgiveable but here's where ESPN did too much in one episode...Every time a character turned on the radio, Jim Rome or Dan Patrick were on the radio crucifiying Leon Taylor, ok, ok, this shows how the media gets hold of an issue and goes off and what that must be like for a player wrapped up in the middle, i get it, but when the coach turns on the tv and watched maybe 2 whole minutes, 2! of Around the Horn with Max Kellerman, discussing Leon Taylor, complete with Jay Maritotti and Woody Paige arguing with each other, in an obviously insincere and staged way, i was a bit annoyed...

At first i was very happy with all the realism, making the show have a certain amount of credibillity, and it's good to see the Around the Horn folks on another show, but like just about any cameo, its exciting for about five seconds, and when you think about it, its a very cheap and annoying ploy, it pulls you in but won't hold your attention.

The media blitz is a good issue, and this show leaves no issue untouched, to the point where i don't know where they can get fodder for a second season, but i'm not sure if the use of ESPN tv and radio personalities was warranted, expecially 7 episodes into the season, to suddenly hit us with it all at much is for the show and how much is for ESPN cross promotion?

"I get paid to be violent...sometimes that line blurs between on the field and off"
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Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

Subject:A big happy memory and A little wishful thinking...
Time:9:50 pm.
i have been a bit out of my body since i woke up in the bushes just before dawn on that freezing saturday morning, i still ache and have been very tired, and my leg feels like some of the nerves or something are dying, but im no doctor, so this is just what i feel like, which is at its simplest is just a little off. But when i visit my favorite sites three or so times daily, and i see my site un updated it makes me sad like an Oakland Athletic.

not the real thing sorry, but similarI don't really know what to write about the Bikini Oil Wrestling Extravaganza, for Mike's 21st bday party...It was crazy and so well orchestrated. I don't have any real pictures. but there are tons, and video too, im not sure if the pictures or videos are allowed to be shown online, but thats pretty much what it looked like but much sure if the pictures or videos are allowed to be shown then i'm sure cannedjam or Smithappens will get on it...anyway Denise wanted a mention and why not, she came in wasted and in an unannounced special card match, she wrestled Dana in one of the most heated, closely fought matches of the night, which almost ended in a fist fight

Dana ended up winning the tournament, and was awarded with a beautiful trophy and a 20 dollar gift certificate to Victoria's Secret. Denise won a 4 pack of Corona, and would have gotten the smaller trophy if it wasnt buried in mike's room...There was also matching pink and blue playboy bunny panties given to the two girls who showed the best good sportswomanship. Each girl who participated also got a tiara to go along with their cuts and burning eyes full of soap..

Overall, the girls looked gorgeous, i feel all the girls should be congratulated for such determination and courage, and i think everyone had a good time competing...Everyone involved in setting up or paying for the event should also get a nice pat on the derriere, mmm firm...Mike's neighbors contributed a $95 keg of Killians, which can not go, yummy.

I know the baseball playoffs has its hold over me, and i can barely find time for football among all the great baseball games, but i want to throw you a bit and talk about basketball for just a second...what, you just left?...well come back tommorow, i'll try to have something more interesting...

anyway one of the big stories, which is still just happy speculation, is from Phil Jackson and Lakers's camp in Hawaii...amidst the Kobe fiasco, the kid is worn down to skin and bones, and is always on alert for the possbile Mariah Carey-esque breakdown, and who wouldnt be, this is a shitty situation to be in...but as the chances are present that Mr. Bryant may miss some basketball this season, his coach, the legendary Phil Jackson, the zen master, my friend and yours, a former Knick, and the man who helped Jordan make 6 championship runs in Chicago and has installed a mini dynasty in LA, said something that made every sports columnist and ESPN analyst wet with the scent of orgasm...

Encore in LA?He said he would consider giving Michael Jordan a call, to play for the Lakers if Kobe were to miss any extended amount of time, due to the trial or emotional collapse. Now, Mike is "officially retired" so why would we all get such big erections? First of all back off, my erection really isn't all that big...Well Retirement means about as much to Jordan as Fidelity means to Kobe...we all know Jordan is looking for something to do in his retirement, and what better way to spend it, than by playing basketball...

Jordan loves Phil Jackson, his old coach, and knows the kind of philosophy and system he runs... NBA Commisioner David Stern has been trying to get Jordan involved in the NBA during his retirement in some fashion since the day Jordan played his "last" game with the Wizards..There was talk of Jordan owning part of the new Charlotte Bobcats, or being a front office man in the organization. They tried to get Jordan working in the Milwaukee Bucks organization...and most recently he was in the running to buy the NJ Nets. He's the best thing to happen to basketball ever, and Stern doesnt want to let him go...and Jordan needs something to do with all his free time.

If Jordan played for the Lakers this year, if for no other reason, he should because he would get to play with Shaq, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton...Payton and Malone are of Jordan's generation, old fogies who can still play and were aquired for reduced salaries for this season to win a championship before they retire...This isn't a comeback for Jordan, this is an old timer's league with some old buddies..."we'll show these youngin's how it was done in the 80's and 90's"

Michael if you are reading this, i hate the Lakers, but this is worth it man...
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 Saturday, October 4th, 2003

Subject:things i dont usually do: pick fights, make out with strangers, blackout in bushes
Time:5:12 pm.
so fresh, and so cleanwell today im feeling pretty sick and why not, i drank like a fish last night...i was rediculous last nite, i was hammered before i even got back to Mike's where Matt, Ryan, Ben, Allison, Marissa and all the great people i know were hanging out.

after a few beers in Foxhills, I went with Angel and Bill and Kathy and Celeste to Ed's 21st bday party, Ed drove us and then got stopped by a cop for having 4 heads in the back seat of his WRX, he comes inside and then sprays the keg while tapping, exciting way to start his bday festivities...well it was still early but no one was there, so i was drinking jungle juice like it was candy, losing in jungle juice pong, and etc....

Angel's friends from home came and picked me and Angel up from Ed's to go back to Foxhills, yes they came all the way from NY to pick us up from Sunchase...Back in Foxhills, Matt, Gilligan, Allison and Ben Moore had arrived and it was so exciting to see them...Well mostly normal party stuff happened until i decided to go into the laundry room and fill the washer with detergent and Fabric Softener and turn it on high, i was really hoping for a Janet Jackson 'Go Deep' soapy suds party, but i checked back later and nothing, the washer was dry...

we all went back to Ed's birthday party, i think we must have taken the bus, because i remember dancing on a bus last nite and yelling at some people, maybe twins fans? Ed's was hopping at this point and i dont remember much but i also ended up making out with a stranger, i'm gonna guess Laura..? and most importantly, i did meet three wonderful human beings, im not sure how it came up but they found out Smitty was smitty of, and i told them i was danwho and they knew about this site, and then one of them mentions and i pointed to James. I didn't want to forget their names so i tried to write them on my hand but its not legible, good thing i IMed myself their names this morning when i came in.'s to fans, Doogie, David, and JJ...

getting back to natureI guess we got back to Foxhills but how? O somewhere maybe before after ed's, we went to a few parties in Foxhills, i remember daisy duck, giving lytel a bunch of hugs in exchange for beer, Rob being off the wall hilarious...o yeah and at some point i was doing a few beer bongs with Benjamin Gay Moore's 4 tube funnel, equipped with closable spouts...and arguing with Shaun's friends, i know part of the conflict started with me and one kid trying to race each with two funnels tubes in our mouth at the same time, and he was mad i spilled some, and i was mad that he did one tube at a time...

well later i walked with smitty, as he was going home, and then everything went blank...I woke sometime when it was still dark, but no one was on the roads, lying freezing in the bushes and tall grass down the hill from Neighbors Gas Station on Port Republic Road...I was so scarred and have no idea how i came to rest in the bushes...i got up and started running as fast as i could out of the ditch, back to the road and back to campus...I was so cold and still drunk and i felt like i was in danger of dying, so i just ran.

i have bruises on my head and am still baffled about what went on last nite.
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Thursday, October 2nd, 2003

Subject:heres to stupid advertising, like the drivel that Fox continuously berades us with for its series...
Time:1:40 am.
we dont need to bring ink and paper into thisLike many, i find That 70's Show simply hilarious, but i dont care enough to watch it every week, but when i catch one, hey alright this shits funny, and how bout when Mitch Hedberg used to have a small role on it, yeah MITCH! anyway it is set in Wisconsin, who cares right, thats just another place in the world, the whole world's pretty good in my book...

But this fall, FOX's marketing machine decided, hey how about Wisconsin Wednesdays, how about that? thats genious right? with the two words starting with doubleyous right after one another...So the new Norm MacDonald project: A Minute with Stan Hooper is also set in Wisconsin and will air after 'that's so seventies.' I was ecstatic to hear of a new show with Norm, he's one of the funniest humans alive, but if the commercials are any indication, then this show will suck...i have total faith in Norm, but the commercials make this show look like a Wisconsin characterature full of cheese jokes...o man cheese is from wisconsin, i just got it..and its still not funny.

I just hope that they didnt compromise Norm's talent for what they hope will be a safe predictable sitcom, i can see the network guys now: (doodledoodle doo wavy flashback effect):

alliterations sell ad space"hey guys you know 'that's the 1970's' is set in Wisconsin.. and its so successful, despite the fact we rarely take advantage of all the obvious cheese jokes, we could probably make a new show and take advantage of all that Good-a material. (snickers) gouda, see what im saying...and get this, we air it on Wednesday after 'I wish it was the 70's' and market it with an alliteration...who wouldnt watch that. now all we need is a star... who's out of work right now, is hilarious, who's last project was amazing but unappreciated....i've got it...Norm Macdonald, and he has talent we can ignore which is always a bonus."(doodle doodle doo wavy effect)

One of the finest feathers in Fox's cap is their smash summer hit, The OC, which returns for a fall season soon...well Fox has been advertising the shit out of the return of this newest pretty-person teen drama. I only saw two episodes of the show during the summer but i saw the summer finale where Marissa takes pills and drinks herself unconscious, and collapses in Mexico in a dirty alley and is found later by her firends, and the show ends in dramatic fashion with her laying limp in Ryans arms as the crane cam about his head rises upward...Is she dead? would they really kill off a promising young lead role in the first summer replacement teaser season?...

well of course not, but any shred of doubt you might have had about her survival is washed away after seeing Fox's new commercials...Marissa is in the new commercials, walking around, a vibrant fully functional character, who's relationship with Ryan will be stretched for as long as ratings allow....

this is common with fox, i'm not going to pretend that i have any self respect, yes its true that i watched Paradise Hotel, religiously at first, during my summer class when i was living alone with Smitty...and then i lost track of the show for awhile but had to come back to see the biggest twist, the way the summer in paradise was to end....Well on this, a show where people are voted off each week, the cliffhanger endings are given away when halfway through the episode, Fox advertises for next week and the clips feature characters that you know can't be eliminated if they are still there next week, you stupid Fox, i could run your whole job standing on my head.

and i dont want to get into it, because i'm not a fansite, and i taped it for Smitty and i cant give away the ending, but the ending to Paradise Hotel sucked, anticlimatic garbage.

if you hadn't noticed i like to overdo it when it comes to pictures of me and famous with it, rock and roll
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Wednesday, October 1st, 2003

Subject:"what are you looking at dicknose?"- styles's shirt (teen wolf)
Time:3:31 am.
Music:in your eyes.
what a cute acquisitiontony gwynn has such a little baby bitch voice...i love the mr. consistancy of San Diego, except for when he played the Yanks in the World Series in 1998. And his voice and round little babyface make him one of the most adorable multiple time all-stars..but does he really think that his new job should be in the booth, adding color commentary to ESPN's coverage of the Marlins and Giants Division Series Game? It is really irritating, i'd rather be playing EA's Sports MVP Baseball 2003 and listening to the same 3 color comments over and over,(if you have this game you know what im talking about, wink wink wink wink wink, theres somehting in my eye, excuse me)

Maybe it's not Tony's fault...hes such a nice kind of annoyed from the Yankees' loss...the Twins made their plays and had some good breaks and the Yanks couldnt catch a break...They had baserunners in every inning and couldnt score until the 9th, when they got one. Shannon Stewart made a great catch in left, the twinkies pitchers were great and the Twins took game one in the bronx 3-1.

Last thursday my health class, in the 300 person auditorium in ISAT, was evacuated with like 10 minutes left in class when someone pulled the fire alarm...The firetrucks go screaming up the hill causing ten car pile-ups on the way to putting out the phantom fire...well at roughly the same time today, in the same class, during a test, boom once again evacuation city. I had just finished the test and handed it in, as the alarm sounded and i don't know what happens to the kids who were still taking it, our teacher is pretty anal about leaving the room during a test, so i assume she just made them sit there and burn.

I hope this is an every Tuesday and Thursday thing, like in highschool, when every Wednesday for over a month, during the same period, my gym class, a bomb scare was called in..during these bomb scares all the classes are held for like 2 hours while the school is sniffed by dogs and men with great noses. This sucked for some classes who got 2 extra hours of history lectures, but for me it was fantastic, 2 extra hours of volleyball, basketball, softball, frisbee, football, whathaveyou, i could go on for ever..

what are you looking at butthead?As i was walking back from the evac-ed ISAT i was walking next to some kid,with cob webs running from the top of his hat into the wind, who was wearing a huntin vest and probably came out of the woods...he is staring at me like Michael J Fox at Crispin Glover in the diner, and im trying to ignore him and eat my cereal, all the while feeling his then the great american sportsman says..."Hey Mike, Right?" and i continue to ignore the big oaf, but he kinda gets in my face like he might want to kiss me, and says "Hey Mike!" and i look at him confused and he goes "Mike right? or do i have u confused with someone?"..."Must be confused, I'm a Dan not a Mike," embarrassed and afraid he apologized and sauntered off, but he knew what he was doing, he was establishing an allibi, someone who could place him at ISAT during the fire drill, instead of in the woods with the murdered hooker covered in deers move killa.

well 311 and opening act, alien ant farm are coming to JMU, and tickets went on sale tonight at 10. the plan was to go stand in line at 5 today to ensure floor seats, but thats a 5 hour we went at 7, for only a 3 hr wait...and we got there and there wasn't too long of a line in front of us and we were sure we would get floor and james left piyum there to hold the spot and we went back to james's and picked up a small tv, and gamecube and a long extension cord and monopoly...we never got around to playing monopoly but we sat in line, in nice foldout chairs, for 3 hours playing FIFA and NFL Blitz, with the extension cord weaving through the lines and all the boring kids doing their homework...

I have to thanks Abby and nicole who came and brought us fresh baked cookies, so nice...When we were real close to the light at the end of the tunnel i saw a kid who was in my gcom class last year, i think he goes by jason, and he had a whole length of line left to travel, so he asked if i'd get his tix for him, we got to the ticket sellers and guess what there is only one floor seat left! awesome that sucks, so we get some really good, non floor seats...and Jason ended up tipping me 7 bucks because when i gave him the tickets he said keep the change...

This is kind of like last year when Old School was shown on campus for free before it came out in normal theatres, we waited in line for 3 hours outside in the cold in front of the theatre, while watching Swingers on DVD on James's laptop...with a long extension cord running into Taylor Hall...We were the second group in line, behind the frat pledges who had to hold the place for their "brothers" and then weren't allowed to stay to see the movie, i love the fellowship of large groups of close males...

No seriously theres something in your eyesthere is something about Peter Gabriel today...before class today in the shower for no reason at all i got In Your Eyes into my head, and it took hold with no plans on letting go, but i couldnt find it saved on my computer, i know i had it but it had vanished...well i only mention it because later at the ticket line party, after the line had begun moving and we had packed up, i was holding the tv, and James, out of no where made a Say Anything reference and told me to hold the tv above my head, which i did, and said that we should get the video of In Your Eyes playing on the tv and hold it up, or just the clip of John Cusack holding the boombox on the tv...ok so it wasnt a good story and it isn't worth mentioning but give me a break..i wanted to tell you because it was on my mind and i thought you were compassionate enough to listen...respectfully.

ok well thats all, just know that i love you...yes you...stop looking behind you, i'm talking about you gorgeous, o stop, ok, so its official you love me and i love you, so what do we do now?

you got it, run naked through a field covered in morning dew...
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