Sunday, August 31st, 2003

Time:11:11 pm.
Music:the seed 2.0.
entering with a hi and a smile, he gets right to it...

I'm not sure if this has always been the mystery it has been for me, but I have always been in question of the slogan for Sara Lee, The famous cheesecake and pastry company, which has been around for nearly 65 years...I was never sure what the slogan was, i however, was sure that it was either one of two options...those two options: "Nobody Does It Like Sara Lee" or "Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee." well anyway Sara Lee sells more than just cheesecake including: hot dog rolls, beverages, and deli meats, and the newest marketing campaign features a commercial that shows the slogan in writing at the conclusion... So now i know the correct answer, but i'm not sure that i wanted the mystery to be over, i kinda liked that their slogan could go both ways. So if you want to know, click here....

i flipping through one of my favorite periodicals recently and came across one of the creepiest pictures going. this picture is from a Mattress King advertisement from Thursday August 28th issue of The Breezecreepy mattress king thats the mattress king pictured, and despite the fact that he is the reigning monarch of pedophiles, i can see where the good people at Mattress King might feel it beneficial to pay "the king" a large sum to endorse their chain. I think the marketing pretty much wrote, developed, and sold itself. Really i wasn't even in need of a new mattress, but when i saw a creepy foam character awkwardly embracing a small child, i ran to my friendly neighborhood Mattress King and bought 6 new mattresses.

im watching tv with the captions on and the commercial for hollywood's hottest body shots, the compilation video of nude scenes just came on and the captions just said one thing for the whole commercial: "Intercourse?" ahahhahahha o thats hilarious

Rider Strong, everyones favorite actor who has played a character named Sean Hunter is in a new movie, Cabin Fever, and i am excited, good to see him back in the semi-limelight.

Another one of America's favorite actors who we havent heard from lately is making a big career move as well. ESPN's amazing new series, Playmakers stars Omar Gooding, the Omar Gooding of such tv classics as Wild and Crazy Kids, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, and Smart Guy. He's also the brother of Cuba Gooding Jr., oscar winner or not Cuba could not have played Mo' Tibbs on Smart Guy like Omar, and dont' forget Omar's role in Ghost Dad. The series premiere of Playmakers was so good, and Gooding is fantastic as a young superstar running back with a drug problem...Playmakers airs Tuesdays at 9pm on ESPN, cuz you want to watch.

for all you Lilo & Stitch fans, there is a direct to video sequel entitled Stitch! the Movie that came out this past tuesday, i immediately went out and bought it, and i just finished cutting out the UPC's from this and the original Lilo & Stitch DVD jackets so i can get a $4 rebate. 4 dollars is one of my favorite monetary values, so this should be good. And as soon as i watch Stitch! The Movie, i'll let you know how it was, all i know is 625 of stitchs cousins come to join in the good times, and some sort of heart warming adventure is sure to ensue...and be on the lookout for Lilo & Stitch the Series coming soon to Disney Channel and ABC Kids.

In, we've all had quite enough, news, Home Alone: Taking Back the House, the 4th installment with now a third child, and French Stewart, hits the direct to video shelves this tuesday, so make sure to miss that one.

im just about broke and i need a job, but until then, check out some of my ebay sales by clicking the links below, with more to come
project ALFPete and Pete
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Saturday, August 30th, 2003

One Liner:i like cold beverages
Time:4:41 am.
Music:i feel greasy when u squeeze me.
i know that u are once again dissapointed that i am not writing to my potential but i dont ever have the time or say the willpower to post during the many hours in the day when i am sober, but now that i am drunk its no bigg shit to post a mo of an update with the computer desk chair spins, stick it in the fridge, hey i might have an article for the breeze, about the shitty new bus schedule, i like rosa parks before me feel that some REVOLUTION is in order in the southern public transportation department, but at foxhills, nicole told me that any time i want a ride, i should call her, this being the 2nd update inna row that i have mentioned how great nicole is and i dont want to harp on the greatest of this my girl nicole, but i have to say that she is too damn nice for life and she said i was too nce to ask her for the ride, but no she is too nice to offer , and with the state of busses i will most liekly take her up on her offer.

i was taking a nap today around 5 cuz i didnt get a whole lot of sleep last night, i slept on smitty's couch after we walked from southview to chandler to meet sarah, and then back to ashby, and by the way, smitty was right sara is awesome, see what i did there, i spelled sarah with the H and without cuz i dont know how she spells it, so i, being drunk and bad at typing, have covered my bases...anyway my nap lasted way too long, and i was sleeping when davey called me back at 7, and when ryan called me at 9 to pregame and when piyum called again at 10, i suck, anyway by eleven i had ridden the bus to southview and walked to foxhills for the block party, a good time had by all, except the kid in the red shirt who ran from the cops and was dragged off in cuffs, and Scott who was also harrassed by cops and had to give his information to the police, i said goddd damn, god damn. i saw neuman and ended up taking the bus to ashby with him and eric and nikki, and we hung out at erics for a while and then went to neumans place in the commons....later hayden came over, and we went to sheetz and i dipped for the first time under close supervision, a good night in all, im so sleepy, i really have a mental list of things to post but i never have the drive to do it, anymore..

o wait, u might just be here cuz its my livejournal, and u always come to it, but now i can be reached at danwho.Net, its just my livejournal with a bow on top but, coming soon, content!, well probably, movies, pics, flash cartoons, links and a plethora of reasons to give a shit. thanks really, its been great, lets do it again reall soon, maybe sober, so it means more, alright soulsista, also i need a job, hook me up
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Sunday, August 24th, 2003

One Liner:todays a big day for the company
Time:2:28 am.
hi ok, its jmu, and u love it, and what most fitting than to post the first journal entry of the year drunk and slobbering as i try to consume a bottle of dasani and a bag of cheddar sour cream and onion. i am drunk enough that not but 20 minutes ago i was just about passing out on teggy and ryan's couch, but still sober enought that with a few clicks o the backspace i can still manage to create readable grammerically correct fasr as i can tell...

well, let me try to get u up to speed since july 15th has been some time ago, and is the last time i posted, ryan gilliganryan gilligan has been bothereing me to update and i think i owe it to him if no one else to get back on the wagon...

ive got the computer desk spins, my suitemate looks like andy roomate is cool, he's a bio major so i'm afriad he will have tooo much work cuz hes shootin for a 3.5 and bio is hard, and he said he has to control himself to partying like once a week....we shall see about that Karthik....anyway we were out at separate parties butbhe called me cuz we were gonna meet up but we didnt but ended up coming home at the exact same time and talking to our suitemates and then gettgin vending machine snacks...anyway i dont have much more left in me and i have to get up to see my dad at 10 tommoroow, and then go to mike, angel, bill and brads for a barbecue or some sort of daytime drinking... im tired...but before i go i have to give a shout in the dark to nicole degaetano for giving me a ride home from southview totally our of her way, i mean she wasn't drinking so she was DD'ing, but still way too nice of her and i don't deserve it, totally out of her way, im sorry that i am such a bother....anyway ryan and teggy's was great, got to see everybody that i have been long awaiting to see, that doesnt sound right, but i missed everyone and im happier now, alright but i cant wait to post not drunk so i dont waste ur time and mine like this one
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Tuesday, July 15th, 2003

Time:2:40 am.
Music:rufus wainright.
stealing from ALFby the commutative property i was mentioned, or called out, on kimmel on Friday...ALF and Johnny Cochran were both guests and ALF asked Johnny: "do you handle copyright infringement lawsuits? Because i think i have a few cases on EBAY." thats a direct dig in my direction, a shout out divided at most 7 ways...because at any time, the most amount of people selling ALF videos on Ebay including myself was around 7, at the time of this posting there were 7 videos and most of them were crap. It's like ALF was talking right to me, and i feel so honored to have one of my favorite television personalities fully aware that i was ripping him off....

i finished up my summer class at JMU, i am confident that i got a foots just about healed, i just cant run for a few weeks...i'm in NJ for a few weeks, then im going to OBX for a week, and then i'm going to be in NJ for a few more weeks, and then back to JMU....I might be working construction, if the guy ever calls back, and/or maybe odd jobs for my grandfather.

I came home after my final on Friday, i could have stayed one more night and partied one last time with Steve, Bill and the OPA's but for some reason i wanted to get home...i went down to LBI on saturday with matt, the keowns are staying down there for the week...i had fun and wanted to stay until monday, but i had to drive home sunday night because i had told the guy from the construction company that i would work on monday...He called my parents several times while i was away asking when i would come home from my summer class, because he really needed me to work, and i called him and told him Monday, but he's never there so i left several i havent heard from, so i'm just waiting around for him to call...early in the summer before i left for summer class he would tell me he'd call and then he wouldnt, and when i finally took another job at my mom's school, he called at 7am one thursday and tells me to come in, and i told him too late...but then he told me when i come back from summer class be ready to work, so i come home from LBI to be available and well he didnt call today...hoorray.hidden EZ Pass

i don't really want to work, but i really need the money.

matt left his dad's E-Z Pass in my car on the trip down to LBI, and i cleaned my car out when i came home and i didn't see it...then I checked it thoroughly when he called me telling me he thought he left it in the car...and i didn't see it again...then he called back and left a message that its not in the house and they searched everywhere, and if i could look again, and i go outside and check again and there, wrapped in the dirty sock i keep in the car to clean the windows or dash or whatever might be dirty, is the ez pass, damn whaddyakno.

i didnt do much today, a few chores, and i hung out with my brother and clements and louis, drove them to home depot to get parts to build a catapult, but then they decided to make a potato gun, and well nothing got purchased or built, they claim 'yet'...i watched the home run derby, and Paradise Hotel, shut up, and the rounds of late night tv...

so im going to sleep now, just in case i have to work at 7 am tommorow, knowing full well that i wont receive a call.
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Thursday, July 10th, 2003

Time:2:03 am.
hi im happy and u should be too...yess cranking the rufus wainright right now, not cranking to rufus because u might have guessed that, cuz mr. wainright is an openly gay musician, but he plays some fantastic stuff, he's a great pianist, and hes been around a while, he had a hit on the radio years ago, i'd wager my sophomore year in highschool, hi highscgool i love you. the hit was called "INstant Pleasure", good shit and shit, he says gimme sex, i think, anyway he was on conan las tmonth and his voice is unlike anything, ity sounds like he doesnt open his mouth but jsut sings with his throat its great, and he plays the paino like a 'mo, no offense, well i dloaded some stuff and loved it, but one song got me thinking he might be gay, its called "oNe man guy" and anyway i was looking for lyrics to his damn fine song :"ciggarettes and chocolate milk" and i found an article form OUT Magazine about him being openly gay so good for him.

if u have noticed maybe im spelling a bit badly, i dont have class tommmorrow and neither did smit dawg, so we drank wahtevre we could find, like water and milk but then we thought why dont you the viewer stop being such an idiot and realize we drank a box of wine, white zin, and then magaritas, damn fine with the ice shaving machine, o lordy. smitty is done with classes, hes going home tommorow, he scored so high on his tests, he had a test every day, so high that he didnt have to take the last one, tommorow, and he also didnt have to write his 5 page paper on Artificial INteligence, and he wills till get an A for the class, sweet deal, well my class is cancelled fro tommorow, nice nice i know, my final is friday, piece of cake, ill probably get an 88 or so on it, cuz i've gotten two 88s, an 89, and a 90 so far, not too shabberoo, if i get a 50 on the final and final paper i still will get a C and come back in the fall, so lets all toast to fixing INADEQUACIES, u stupid danwho....

Alien Life FormALF is gonna be on kimmel on friday...(pic sucks but im drunk, gimme a break, i can rip this pic like a 'mo if u give me some leeeee waaaayyy...], this week zach galifinakis has been co-hosting, he is simply the best co host ever, i mean tyson adn snoop dogg were so funnny, but zach is the best, he's andy richter but funnier, laugh it upp america, anyway ALF on friday i hope i dont miss it.

im going home either friday night or sat morning and i called the guy form that construction company today, the one that was supposed to give me a job before i left, but called when i was already working at netcong school, well he wants me to work "very badly" as soon as i come back, so i called him, left a message to let him know exactly when i'm available, its in his court for now, i need money, this month excursion, as fun as it was, and as neccessary to come back as it was, cost like 1500 and stopped me from working enough time to make 1500, so its really like losing 3 large! o margeface...i played spades today with smitty against steve and billiams, i love it, i have to learn the scoring so i can play in NJ, its so goddamned fun....i was good for a newbie, and ima rock u later when i play you, no way ur getting out of it either..........thats akk for a drunkerson, yiggiitynyiggity ima watch the whole series of clone high on my computer, jealous.rock

check out smitty's site for some insiht into our NJ/NYC trip this past weekend.yes yes. there or not, u care so bad it hurts in ur miniscus?
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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003

One Liner:*danwho
Time:4:09 am.
Music:sahara hotnights.
i despise mid-day naps, i can not get to sleep now...i figure i mean to get some stuff down and why not cuz i cant sleep, tommorow i have a class, a paper to write and then a party to party in and I'm going to NJ thursday after class...sooo heere we go.

i got an 88 on my first test and a 90 on the first essay. before she gave back the essays she bashed everyone in the class for not knowing how to write...she is hilarious, anyway i got my paper back and it was barely marked up but the only note she gave me was that it "would be a good idea to check on use of apostrophes." apparently 'i u'se apostrophes' in the wrong fash'n....anyway it was a decent essay, that i didnt bother to read over to check, and i kind of phoned in the conclusion, so a 90 is the test and essay were the first 25% of my grade...keep in mind i need to pull a C to be re-enrolled in JMU...our second test was today, and i wasn't as strong as i would have hoped, should have'll be ok, im' not worried...the class is full of foreign kids, god love 'em, that have never had American History before, so i'm hahahaa keeping pace....

I dont know if i mentioned this or not but the kid i talk to most in the class, Aldrich Chu, who i sit next to, tore his ACL in february, and when i was wearing my boot, he was on the two gimps sat together...well i'm just about better and now bootless and hes off crutches and in physical therapy trying to get normal again...well i found out today that we are even more similar than just the simultaneous leg afflictions, turns out Aldrich is currently suspended from JMU and also needs a C to come back. HAH how bout that? how about it, right? he hasnt fared so very well on his first 25% of the grade, but theres always the next 75%

stealing my styleHaving a lot of time on my hands, and trying to avoid schoolwork, i've been spending time practicing learning all the words to REM's It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine). its something i've meant to do since i was little... I can sing the song flawlessly with the music while looking at the lyrics, and even that took some doing, but of course thats only the first step, so cross ur fingers for me? cuz someday at a party when it comes on, i'm going to try my damndest to impress you.

Well it is pretty much set that me and Smitty are coming to NJ on thursday night, probably staying until Sunday afternoon...once again my timing is impeccable because, Joey Romano who was taking a summer course at Johns Hopkins, prior to my leaving for JMU, but who is now home, will be leaving on thursday and coming back sunday, just missing me and smitty, so that sucks cuz i wont see him, wow what a run on sentence, like 7 commas...But i should get to see Alexis, yay!, who came up to Nj just as i went to JMU, and goes back to Florida before my class is done, which was another great case of timing.

I know im taking up a bit of your time, if you're still with me, but if you could do me a favor, i dont know how u got here, to my journal, through the link in my info, through or, you typed in the address, you have me saved under favorites, i'm ur home page, im under ur journal friends list, theres a shortcut on ur desktop, u came so long ago that you don't remember and u've never left and have ur browser set to refresh every minute, or whatever...but can u do me a favor, that could end up saving you time later on...yeah? only if u want, i dont want to impose, okay hear it first then decide, thats wise...type *danwho (that is, Asterisk-D-A-N-W-H-O (dont spell out asterisk, or put in the dashes)) in ur web browser's address bar, where u would normally type ...well it should bring you back to this journal....i registered the personal common name for this journal, so it should bring you here, making it as easy as *danwho to get here.

if it doesn't work, its' just because ur browser isnt enabled for this function, i'm not knockin' ur browser, im sure its got a great personality...If u want it to be enabled, so you can just type in *danwho then u can go to commonname and click Enable, it's under Try CommonName in the bottom left corner of the page...chances are it may already be enabled, cuz mine was, but its free, i dont think it downloads anything and is relatively painless, and it might just make it easier to get here, if u should ever feel so inclined to come back...but hey if your not interested, its too much trouble, dont worry about it, im just looking out for you.

I applied for a business common name that would not require the asterisk, but if they realize that Danwho Enterprises does not exist, i may not get the business one. I'm also working on a real domain, but is taken, and i'm sorting it out, so this was the free simple temporary solution to make it easier to get here.
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