Saturday, June 28th, 2003

Time:3:48 am.

Guess the mystery pic! [Hint: it was taken in Nawlins and chances are that i'm in it.] (click for the answer)

hi, i'm not doing anything, just chewing on Piyum's paperclips, i have always chewed on paper clips, i sit at a desk and i dont know that i'm doing it until i drop one from my mouth and pick it up and go 'where did i get this,' oh well, back in the old mouth, so Piyum if ur reading this, i owe u like half a box of large brightly colored plastic coated paper clips...and by the time i move out it will probably be a whole box.

i'm sans boot as of today, i went to an orthopedist, eww hang on i just scratched my shoulder and started typing and there was peeled sunburn skin on my hands, well so i guess i'm peeling, o man all over both shoulders, i need to vacuum now...sorry...ok yes the dr. i had an apointment but due to some stupid insurance issues i was in the waiting room for a long time while the receptionists were on the phone with the doctor who referred me, and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, what a hassle, anyway he took new X-rays and couldnt find a fracture, of course he never saw the originals and neither did i so we didn't really know what to look for, but he said i dont have to wear the boot anymore, just stretch and exercise the ankle and ice it if it swells, and of course see him in 2 weeks, on the same day of my final exam, cuz thats his only availabe time before i go home, so awesome, yes?

last nite me and smitty had nothing to do, so we decided to just take shots of tequila. so steve comes in, and me and smitty are standing in the middle of the room, by the table, both without shirts, with one light on in the apartment, no tv or music on, just downing shots of tequila, staring at each other, and steve just shakes his head.

Smitty went home to Richmond today for a day or maybe 2 or 3, i'm not sure...he thinks he wants to come with to NJ over July 4th weekend, which is sweet...other than the dr., i didn't do too much today, Steve and Billiams came over for a little while, i was on Soulseek most of the day...i grilled and ate a whole pack of 8 hot dogs and drank a couple of Sam Cherry Wheats, that steve gave me and watched Ren and Stimpy on the little tv and Jimmy Fallon hosting The Late Show on the big screen at the same time.rock.
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Wednesday, June 25th, 2003

Time:12:28 am.
das boothi, i'm so happy that the internet is back in 1145J, reconnected to the world...if you don't know, lightning hit our buidling which fried all the internet switches, and smitty had been on the phone with the company at least three times a day, and the internet was out for over a week, which drove us mad. Im at JMU, taking history for the second time in hopes of salvaging my college career. I need a C or better to come back in the fall, as it stands right now i am suspended for fall. I have all the confidence that'll i'll get a good grade, because the class material is somewhat familiar in that history hasn't changed so much since last fall when i took this class the first time, not even mentioning that I took AP History in high school.

yesterday me and smitty hung out at the pool and got burned a little bit, my tan is uneven, my shoulders, the middle of my chest and face is red, but my neck and under my *ahem* "pecs", and back and sides are still real light...

Mike and Marty came down this weekend which was great, Marty is looking for a school to transfer to, so Mike showed him around...we drank with Steve, Bill and the OPA's which was alot of fun, and then went to Bluehole the next day. I'd never been to bluehole, its a swimming hole in a river, with a big rock from which to jump off of..i didn't jump cuz i have a broken foot, but i did roll in and attempted swimming but it was freezing, and the current was strong so i had to kick to swim which was not smart.

I had a doctors apointment yesterday but i couldnt find the damn place, i went up and down South Main for half an hour, turns out my mom gave me the wrong address when she found the doctor online, i woulda looked online myself but the internet was still out until last nite. anyway they will probably send me a bill for the missed apointment which sucks...i got another apointment for Thursday at a different doctor... i need to have them look at my foot and refer me to an orthopedist who will look at me again, its stupid the way POS network insurance works...

i am really getting into the kind of TV i have always tried to avoid: Paradise Hotel, American Juniors, Last Comic Standing (is great), Real World, but theres not much to do, but i am planning to start a new hobby, i'll let you know if i ever get around to it.
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Saturday, June 14th, 2003

Time:11:51 am.
white blistering pain-hi i fractured my foot, and i'm trying to get ready to drive down to JMU for my summer class,

F- i was really enjoying my job at Netcong Elementary, i was like the groundskeeper, and all the kids loved me, since i was Mrs. Szarejko's son, (and my mom is a computer teacher and well-liked) and because i was an older "cool" 19 year old studface. I joked around with all the kids, and some of the 8th graders i had already met years ago, when i tried to kiss them in Mcdonalds, and i got comments from all the teachers about how nice and fun i was, and about what a good job i did. Most of the janitors at the school did the bare minimum and the faculty really appreciated my work. Also, i sometimes got to hang out with my mom, or with Matt rotundo, doing computer work, or getting lunch, so it really was a great job. And if i was working too hard, the janitors made me take breaks. I helped out everywhere, at the 8th grade picnic, where i got to barbecue and eat as much as i wanted; and at the school field day, where we got as much pizza, and soda and ice cream as we wanted....and also in the faculty/student basketball game....

U- I played for the faculty, a paid ringer, and i dominated the game...i referee-ed the 1st quarter with a kid from the student team, played the 2nd quarter, ref-ed the first half of the 3rd, played the 2nd half of the 3rd, and played the 4th quarter....whenever i was ref-ing the teachers were down by 4, 5 or 6. Whenever i was in the game the teachers were up by 4,5, or 6. I brought the ball up, dished it, drove the lane, rebounded, blocked shots, i was everywhere. I led all scorers with 10 points, 13 or so rebounds, 3 or four assists, and 3 blocks. I would have had double digit assists if the teachers could finish, but when they missed i got most of the rebounds. so my numbers weren't bad for only playing half the game, and considering the teachers only scored 34 points total, but we won, 34-32.

C- but hey get this, remember when i told you i fractured my foot...yeah scroll up, o you werent reading, just skimming, i see, well i did it in the last 2 seconds of the 2nd quarter, i was dribbling in the back court and stopped short at a defender, saw a teacher under the far basket and tried to hurry a quarterback pass to her and rolled my ankle...i fell but the half ended and i walked it off thinking it was just a sprain, then i refereed the first 3.5 minutes of the 3rd, kind of hobbling, but then the rest of the game i played, running hard and still dominating, with minimal pain. but as soon as the game ended, i got a drink, apologized to kristen and christine for blocking christine's shot back into her face and me and rotundo went to quik check for lunch, we got back to the school and ate while watching tv in the library and my right foot swelled up to the size of an orange. i hobbled around, saw the nurse, got some ice, and then helped matt install software on laptops for the rest of the day...

K- my mom made me an appointment at the doctor because the nurse said i should see someone, and i figured i knew better and cancelled the appointment, i figured it was a sprain and if i iced it and elevated it all nite then i'd be able to work at graduation the next day. so delirious with pain, and mumbling and whimpering, i drove home with both feet on a pedal and almost hit a van at the netcong circle. anyway the next day it was worse so, i didnt work for graduation, which is why i was hired, mom took me to the doctor, grossman drove me to the hospital for x-rays and yep it was fractured...the ligament is stronger than the bone and when i rolled my ankle the ligament on the lateral side cracked off some of the bone...exciting, huh, its too swollen for a cast so i'll just have a soft air cast, but i cant drive 5.5 hours to JMU, so my parents will have to, drive me,
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Friday, June 6th, 2003

Time:7:59 pm.
---guitar riff and i enter, wearing sunglasses and headphones indoors, keyboard and baseline pick up, as i continue down the hall, acknowledging everyone as i pass, giving high fives, pistol winks, spinning and breakdancing, as the girls swoon and the principal shakes his head disaprovingly, but then laughs, shakes it off and chest bumps with me, like a couple of new york knicks---

Game 2 of the 3 game series between Team Dan and team M, was much more exciting than the first. me and fernandez had a 17-6 lead going into the last innning, looks good, yeah, no problem, ahhahah no way, we lost 19-17, dan gave up 13 runs in the top of the last inning, my back was sore so i didnt pitch much and, fernandez was really great until that last inning...and matt sat us down 1-2-3 in the bottom of the final we are 0-2 but WILL NOT be swept...

i gotta go to bewalders to watch the nets game and then to grossmans, so ill finish this later.
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Wednesday, June 4th, 2003

One Liner:"...thats fucked percocet...cuz...that shit fucks u up man...."
Time:8:08 pm.
wiffleballhi its daniel, i got some stuff to tell you,

Wiffleball season has started and Team Dan got roughed up in the opener against the M team, it was neck and neck for awhile, i struck out the side in the first and Danny Fernandez made some great plays in the field, but Danny F. had some trouble pitching in the 4th or 5th and then things snowballed and i came in and couldnt find the strike zone either, so we ended up losing to matt and marty 15-0, the game ending on a Matt keown grand 2 of the 3 game series is scheduled for thursday at 4 or maybe saturday. barring any pitching collapses, we should be long as dan is sober enough to hit this time, and i'm not too sore to get the bat around....o yeah, the game is only on assuming we can get some more pickle balls, timmy keown lost the last good one, in yesterdays exhibition game, when he hit a foul ball across the neighborhood into a black hole.

hey if you haven't yet, see Finding Nemo, so good, my favorite Pixar film yet. hilarious and cute and visually stunning.

i threw out my back today, or what i assume is throwing it out...i dont know, people who throw out their backs are not me and i am not them, so i dont know what they have gone through to qualify for throwing out their back, but i hurt my back immmensely and moving is near impossible, awesome, i know...

i have been working at Netcong Public school, my mommy teaches there, i am mostly doing landscaping to prepare the grounds for their outdoor 8th grade graduation....since my construction job was cruddy, i took this position for 2 weeks before i leave for JMU summer school. My constuction job sucked because it was so fickle, as i hear construction labor jobs often are...this guy would call me and tell me to work, and he'd tell me he'd call at 7:30 to tell me where to go, and i'd get up at 7 and then he wouldnt call, and then he'd call me at night and say that i was working the next day...i understand he just wanted as many people on his roster as possible so if he needed me, i'd be there but waking up at 7 for nothing was getting old fast, so i told him to take a hike, or didn't...

my job at netcong is sweet anyway, its from 8 to 4, 9 bucks an hour, and i don't really have anything i HAVE to do and, i dont really have a boss. I just walk around and find things to do, like weedwhacking, well, weeds, and tall grass...and the janitors, who are kinda lazy, tell me to slow down, take my time, just spend time, take breaks, so i spend half of the day taking breaks and walking around, but when i work i do work hard, i'm not goofing around, so i get alot done, so i look good...but i am usually afraid of taking breaks because i could work for hours and then take a five minute break and if someone sees me, they just as well can assume i've been resting all day..well whatever, its an easy job, but i've been coming home sore because well, one, i spent a year doing no physical activity besides moving into and out of my dorm, and, two, i push myself kind of hard and i'm either lifting, carrying, or bending with a weedwhacker all day, so my back is taking a it rained so i did mostly computer work with Matt Rotundo and my mom, in the server room and goofed off in the gym with the eighth graders who were setting up for their i did very little physical work and just as i was leaving something in the small of the right side of my back twitched and i fell against the wall and couldn't move, just as some 6th grade girls were showing off for me, they were showing me how they can run into the walls and unsuccessfully try to climb them and do handstands...

all the kids at the school are hilarious, the little ones call me Mista..the middle ones ask me hilarious questions, the girls show off for me, and the old ones call me gay dan...ahhaha well only these 3 eighth graders, who i met a year ago in a McDonalds, its kinda hazy to me but they remember it vividly, i dont remember if i was drunk or just being funny but i asked these kids for some pipe cleaners, i dont know why, proably to clean a pipe? but they didn't have any and somewhere along the line i found out they were my mom's students and i pretended i was gay and i tried to kiss one of them...hahah i know i'm hilarious..well the kids all tell the story now, and my mom loves it...anyway its fun, ya know, when you do stuff, and whatnnot...hi.
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Tuesday, May 27th, 2003

One Liner:im kinda forcing this one
Time:2:39 am.
i am miserably tired of lookin at my livejournal every once in awhile and seeing that stupid suspension update on top, because im going to JMU for june session and i'll be fine..

well damn 2 minutes later and i'm tired of writing this, i dont feel like fixing the pictures that are missing from the bottom updates or writing, well if i see you on a regular basis you know i'm not doing anything, and if i dont see you, i wish i was, but you are missing nothing here.

i play MVP baseball like a heroin addict, and i mean i play it compulsively and nonstop and i cant live without it, i didnt mean i am in the fetal position shaking and rocking while playing cuz thats just stupid.

i also listen to Genesis's invisible touch album on vinyl excessively...

i'm selling sparingly on ebay and i'm helping my grandfather sell some stuff too and getting 10%, a nice bar, catering and deli equipment, 4 pizza ovens and other random stuff, and i'm getting some cool stuff out of the deal too, like this huge Thumans Deli sign that you put letters on to tell the prices of sandwhichs and sodas
now i really get what Leigh meant when he said he reads my livejournal and then lies down and tries to understand what the hell i'm rambling about.

i'm supposed to work for 3 weeks doing construction full tim before i leave for JMU, but the owner didn't call today so hopefully tommorow.

i saw Bruce Almighty tonight, i laughed alot, people say they have been dissapointed by it but those kidn of people just cant go tot the theaters expecting that all Jim Carey does is be stupid. If everyone of his movies, he played a gimmicky, weird, stupid, funny faced goof we'd get tired of it. hasnt he done enough movies since Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber and the Mask that have shown his range, that people will stop being disapointed when he's halfway normal or semiserious. Sometimes movies need plots...

im rambling and im really pissing myself off for being so uninterested in writing, but whos reading this anyway, its summer, and by summer i mean the rainy season in vietnam, but i still havent been on the computer more than half an hour everyday and sometimes not at all.

take some space

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Monday, May 19th, 2003

Time:9:33 pm.
suspendedsome people are just losersyeah even though my advisor told me i had time to repair my GPA, i got kicked out of JMU. Well, i gotta run now but all i have to do is take history in June session at JMU and i can get a 1.96 if i get an A, a 1.8 with a B, a 1.75 with a B- or a 1.63 with a C and all i need is a 1.5 to come back in the lets hope it all works out.
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Thursday, May 8th, 2003

One Liner:still buzzzed, im sorry if its no good
Time:4:16 am.
hi, since im done i thought i'd tell u about my evening, i was just hanging out, playing video games and the like and watching baseball, talking to matt, who should have been studying, hes not the biggest studier either but my habits have been looking so good and stress free that hes been just hanging with me instead of working to his fullest, sorry man, no need to bring u down to my level...but grades ARE a judgement made about you based on someone elses critieria, sometimes a textbook writer who never met you, what do you care what they think of you, obviously thats an oversimplification and the world doesnt work ideally or with a heavy reliance on integrity and self-sufficiency but thats just one of many excuses for my behavior...believe me ive got plenty.

ryan, me, and lets say...jesusryan gray had to write a paper and had an exam that he wasnt gonna study for so when he finished his paper he was free, so i went over to his place and we went out and his friend sarah bought us some beer and we watched baseball and talked fantasy leagues all night...but thats not the interesting part...ryan wanted to smoke a cigar and hes allowed to smoke in his room but he didnt want to risk settting off the smoke detector so the two of us went at it like a couple of MacGuyvers trying to take out the battery...but hey the two morons who arent studying are also dumb enough to not realize that if the smoke alarm is wired into the building that it is probably powered through the ceiling too, meaning no battery. well we didnt realize and we kept poking at it and when i lifted a little clasp to remove the green electronic board with all the diodes on it, the fire alarm went off, and the building had to be evacuated...all those people studying had to go outside in the drizzle because we are hilariously inept with smoke detectors....well we hid the beer and some of the tools and went outside and Ryan told the RA that he set it off because he was smoking a cigar and she explained it to the cops and he apologized and we laughed and laughed and then drank some more and i put the fire detector back together and ryan actually did smoke his if nothing else i am interesting because i have stories and precious memories and thats all i really want from life, that and maybe a child, o and an implant in my head that plays music only i can hear whenever i want.

i went to sheetz after ryans and got a cheesteak, i was eating it and making semi drunk conversation with matt and i saw the wrapper of the delicious sandwhich had a number to call for comments, so i called and told the woman "thank you...i just ate a cheesteak and o man it was good i eat alot of them and i want to tell u that i..yumm..i just got one. i bet you get alot of only bad comments, like people only take the time to call if they want to complain, but i saw the comments number and i wanted to tell you thanks cuz its soo good" and then i told her the town and street and i bet they get a prize now, they will be so happy with me for getting them a prize.

late in the evening, fucked up on my computer, and my mind starts roaming, i create like a heathen...
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Wednesday, May 7th, 2003

One Liner:what is bread pudding?
Time:5:05 pm.
look at that wingspangirls wearing next to nothing, and people gawkin, tell me you dont like being stared at, everyone wants to be stared at, why do you think i grow disgusting scruffy beards and sweat 23 hours a day.

I have always been skinny, like borderline emaciated, such tiny little wrists that could crack in half if i fell wrong, but i eat alot, and i always thought my metabolism will someday catch up with me and i'll be so used to eating alot that i'll end up heavy, but ive realized that that might never happen because i sweat buckets, just sitting, standing, sleeping, i was standing in the Registrars office and just standing, in the cool room i was dripping all over the transfer credit forms in my hands, why? i guess small price for this rocking tight body, o god ahahha, sorry....simply disgusting.

...and proud of itwell i've been done with school since tuesday at 2, got an 85 on my gcom final, it was so easy...psst...i didn't study at all...after i took my macro final i went through and did some math to calculate the odds of what i assume i got, i think i got a 69, which if true would most be likely be well above the class average...the final grades are done on a curve, so far this year i have been right on the class average for the tests, so i really needed to beat my classmates on this exam, we shall see....Gwrite is no problem i was 2 points off of perfect scores on all the papers and my last one i didnt get the grade yet but it was my best paper yet....and Calculus i failed for the second semester in a row, i had failed it after the second test so i didnt even go to the last one..but im taking Calc over the summer at County College of Morris so hopefully i can get it out of the way...3RD times a CHARM? I'm also taking an accounting class at CCM....mmmmm credits...

i got 4 credits 1st semester, either 6 or 9 this semester, and hopefully 6 this summer, so if it all works out i'll be a second semester freshman next year with 19 credits taking 12, so that will put me just one semester behind.

i'm going to pick up my sub party pack tommorow, then pack tommorow when my dad gets here around 4, and then go on the danwho farewell tour, and leave friday morning

matts studying so im amusing myself quietly for the rest of the day, and i really cant think of anything else to say..wait did i tell you about the pearl jam concert at Penn State? no i didn't well it was so was the last show on this tour and they played for 3 hrs, i ordered the official bootleg and i havent stopped listening to it, we left a little early and missed the last encore which is dissapointing but we had a 4 hour ride back in the rain..but it was amazing and too bad you couldnt come, but we did have an extra ticket that we just didnt use, we tried to find someone to use it but finals week and all, its tough...

I havent shaved in a week, week and a half and the scruffles on my neck are so itchy, but im too lazy to do anything about it.
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Friday, May 2nd, 2003

Time:4:32 am.
howdy handsome,

for more pics and a short video of me and the pinata check out Smitty' and James' danwho party updates and thanks again...

a well run dry?lemme tell you this, the folks at ebay have caught on to me, i must be on there 'watch this fucker closely' list...i finally caught up on all the old shipments i never sent out and had some time to relist my videos on Ebay, but not 24 hrs later 2 of 3 of my listings were removed from Ebay's servers for violations of their Recordable Media Copyright Regulations, and i tried to word them creatively in order to not give the impression that i taped these videos myself off of television but no luck..ALF is still ok, but im in hiding again while i go back to the drawing board with The State and Pete & Pete...

Hey, u curious what annoys me, K Randall...thats right, the same K Randall that has been impersonating celebrities and buying things with their Visa Check Cards...If you notice and i assume you have been, that K Randall signs the receipt in every Visa Check Card commercial, whether it be the one with Kevin Bacon, the one with Tiki and Ronde Barber, the one with the Yao and Yogi, or the one with the guy shopping quickly to beat the meter maid writing a ticket. How could they all be K Randall, isn't that what people in the business call a Continuity Error?, yeah i know they can't show real cards with real account numbers and K Randall is less obviously fake than John Doe, but i know that Kevin Bacon should sign K Bacon and not K Randall....

I had a really weird pain yesterday night, i'm really not sure what it was, i was sitting there watching tv and my chest started pounding really hard, and i could feel it with my hand on my chest, my heart felt like it was going to explode, it was pumping very fast and hard, i started sweating to the point that i really got drenched and i was breathing really fast and i couldnt stop, and as my heart hurt more and more i was getting really scared and was breathing even faster and sweating more...i tried laying down, sitting and standing to get it to stop, i dried drinking water, i tried pounding my chest with my fist, but it was going on for probably only 45 seconds to a minute but it seemed like eternity and i was really worried and it was pretty painful. and when i stood up and walked into the hall my arms were really weak and my left leg went numb like it was asleep and i hobbled back into my room and layed down and held my breath and it went away...i have no clue...i should probably consult a physician, especially since my heart area of my chest has been sore ever since.

johnny malkoi've said it before and i'll say it again, i love John Malkovich, he is one of the quirkiest, funniest people...he's been doing talk shows to promote his first feature length directorial effort, The Dancer Upstairs..he did Letterman, The Daily Show and Conan in 3 days and sometimes you see this happen on promotional tours and the guest acts similarly on each show, but Malkovich has so much to him that he was completely different on each show and each show was one of the best guest segments ive seen and i watch a lot of late night talk im not gonna give you example why he's so good, i trust that you'll trust my judgement, ok just one, he leg wrestled Conan and kicked his ass like a pro...yeah i'm sorry you missed it too.

Its thursday nite and Matt went out, he probably wont be back until 5am and ill still be up not writing my final draft, but before he went out he warned me..."dan its thursday, and today i handed in a big program, the last CS program of the, well you know what happened last time i handed in a big program on a thursday (points to his urine stain at the foot of my bed) I'll try not to, but just a warning."

i just laughed and said no big deal, please go crazy.
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