Saturday, March 29th, 2003

One drunk
Time:3:23 am.
Music:the postal service & pedro the lion.
matt keowns rendition of me a year ago u know fred flinstone is 90 percent of the time mstaken for sooewno...either a millionaire on the loose, a criminal, orhe just gets amnesia and doesnt remmeber who he is
thats what u get when u get hit on the head with a bowling bakll more times than homer simpson has said doh

mushaka..u know what it means, i dont but i am saying it alot..

what they call prejudice i call seism i call progress id like to see u light progress on fire
put on whatever makes u attractive..if its not u do it for the sdake of fashion

i dont like girls the way they are, so shave their legs and make them look like movie stars..then we can pretend its natural (sarcastic)

husbands in winter they know the truth,,what can they do

HI myt name is Danwho...if its one word then thats what u call me..ur mr the danwho....or el danwho-erino if your not into the whole brevity thing...but if its my last name..which it was in highschooll then my name is Dan Who and i can be introduced as just dan...yes danwho is more memorable and perhaps adorable? ahhah NO...but u dont introduce urself with ur last name do u? HI im john klinginheimerson....NO again...

underwaera party tonite and when we were unsure of our lenght of stay at said party, boys were hesitant to get undies i jumped up and went no shirts, no pants just boxers and then people dropped the pants//but with any good sausage fest the guys go balls to the walls to get some girls to join in and only a few doo...those who were yeah they were out before us all doinf their selves a solid fact of scantily cladeness but the whatever am i talking about...there was some war debates and i still have yet yop hear a good antiwar argument its all like...WAR: (good point) ANTIWAR:(fuck u , i cANT believe u, bullshit,, uh um...o my god...blah blah...)...i dont diss ur point of view but sell it with some back up...

pizza..o man..i ate a pie and then gave out my extra few slices on the bus and walk home...made some friends doing so...i hoope we get anthonys tommorow...

ima watcha movie..maybe flintstones meet the jetson if i brought it to school maybe, marx bros, maybe mystery science theather...maybe big lebowki.. reallyu who knows...not who like danwho knows.. dpontnknow.. ooh rogetr rabiit? no maybe who knows...crossly perfections of sexual misdeeds..lrmme find a picture ot post...woagggh....i found one alresdy up of matt keowns rendition of me a year agooo...howdy

im gonna see wesleyt willis, Q and not U, and OK Go in the next 2 weeks and then PEarl Jam in MAy...things to look forward rtooo....i wish i knew when i was gonna die for certain..the day and would be so less stressful....

seems so out of this gaudy apartment complex....a stranger with your door key..explaining that im just visiting...hey colucci was down..good to see that guy...i look like a cokehead..gihad repeatedly tried to find out where he could get coke here and i really dont know any coke here and im glad...
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Friday, March 21st, 2003

One Liner:i apologize in advance
Time:3:42 am.
Music:Interpol & Of Montreal.
i can't sing it now, but be still...someday baby i will, sing you a love you song...

im not gonna talk about war, because you've heard it all, but i support our country, president, and troops (Steve Gray come back safe)...

Marc on my sexy shouldersmarc grossman is coming to JMU on Fri. very excited.

ive been running at nights now and after an extended lapse in physical activity, its taking its toll. I end up every night like ive been drinking but I only get the bad effects....i go for a run and when i'm done i can't stand up, i feel like puking, i can't think straight, i just want to go to sleep and i wake up the next morning with mysterious pains and aches....maybe i'm pushing it too hard too soon or i'm really that out of shape because its never been like this before. im not complaining, goodness i know my little trivialities dont mean shit but im just mentioning it....sorry.

reading is hardmore stuff you shouldn't think twice about but hey its my journal so shut up, im in trouble, i'm really close to being academically suspended from JMU at the end of the year...i can still make it but my future is on the fence...i go through moods where i get scared and really know that this is it and im up against the wall, and i make plans to work really hard and schedule my time and work my ass off...and i go through moods where i have a book in front of me and all i can do is stare into space and i slap myself to concentrate and just don't, or i fall asleep or get distracted or say fuck it I dont care or i put it off..and theres really no time left to put it off to, this is it...yeah i know im just a baby and o poor loser, deal with it, everyone else does it, what makes you so special? and yeah i know, whatever, i dont care...sorry.

i found out from 3 people today that they were in Nawlins over spring break, Katie in my Gcom group, the girl who i took a survey for in my dorm, and damnit there was someone else, maybe im wrong, maybe they told me yesterday, but there was someone else...crazy place this world huh?

...whatever if i dont even care writing this, y would u care reading it...its not like anything i can say could have topped Nawlins below, and its not like much i can say matters with the world how it is, so i dont feel so bad for wasting your time...

i shouldnt really bother posting if I have nothing to say ahahah...yeah
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Tuesday, March 18th, 2003

One Liner:Nawlin's Nawmean?
Time:6:34 pm.
For full Nawlins results, click---> SmitHappens with continuing coverage. or you can wait until Ryan publishes his book on the same topic.
bourbon streetmidget o boyScreams of NAWLINS were sporadically peppered through the entire 14 hour drive to New Orleans. Steve drove the whole way because he's got a stick and neither Smitty, Ryan Grey no I are well versed in the ways of the manual transmission. We had a great time in the car though, playing The Spaceship game and going through the alphabet with movie titles and band names. Everyone stayed awake for the trip except me I pussied out and fell asleep for about and hour in the dark wilderness of Mississippi.

We got to Tulane University and met steve's friend Tara at 4am, but it was 3am central time. We were going to go to bed but none of us could sleep so we started drinking and playing asshole. We were all in our boxers and I went outside and wrote my name in the grass and morning dew on the quad. Since Mardi Gras was the week before, all the students at Tulane threw their extra beads into the trees. I was playing around and noticed some beads missed the trees and were in the bushes so I started collecting. Eventually we went up to higher balcony floors and started grabbing right from the trees. Ryan Gray found his magic bouncy ball in the bushes, which was a lot of fun for the whole trip. I ended up with a massive amount of beads. Tara's roommate always slept at her boyfriends so there was an extra bed in the room, so we alternated turns. The first night whoever didn't have a bed slept on the floor but the floor was so uncomfortable that the other nights we slept in the study lounge. We did a lot of sitting on the balcony reading, drawing, and talking during the week. We played handball on the quad and explored a lot.

On Saturday we rode the street car and went to Bourbon street, which was crazy even a week after Mardi Gras. Girls on balconies showin titties and all that. We got nice cigars and dollar drafts and famous 7 dollar hand grenades made of secret ingredients including everclear. Some guy on the street came up to me said "I bet I can guess where you bought your shoes, state, city and store. You an honest man?" I was wearing my 3 strap Velcro pumas that I bought online from the denmark puma site store, so I kept telling him that he would get it wrong. I told him he could guess but I really didn't wanna bet for money because he'd be wrong and I'd feel bad and then he might not believe me and I didn't wanna get into a big thing over it, that he could bet me for attaboys but that I couldn't do it for money. I saw this well dressed midget bouncer outside a club and asked him for a picture and hes like "got a dollar" money well spent. Tara ended up kissing him for a while she was trashed, she kept puking and wandering off from us.

One of the nights after I was trashed and had smoked I was talking at a ridiculous pace about architecture. Taras friend Julie and steve were trying to get me to go to bed but they were trying to trick me the way I try to trick drunk high people into doing things like shutting up or going to sleep and I knew their games so I talked even faster about how I wouldn't fall for their tricks until they gave me a dollar to get icecream from the vending machine apparently my rambling was so funny that they kept tryin to get me to get into the same state later in the week to hear me sketch of ryan

We made several trips to the ghetto Winn-Dixie supermarket where, even though I was the youngest one there I ended up buying cases of beer a few times without being carded. If I had been carded I had my JMU JAC card which I changed the 1984 to a 1981 after Ryan showed me his which had gone from December to February by scratching off the 1.

we visited the French Market, saw street performers, saw transies, i touched the mighty missisippi, we climbed the biggest tree i've ever seen in person, i got hit on by a gay French guy who said he was Yugoslavian on the trolley, we went through a hole in the fence and tresspassed on the property of the Real World Belfort Mansion and got pictures, and tons of other cool stuff happened but i cant remember or am tired of rambling..but im not done.nawlins views

I wanted to leave Nawlins having tasted Nawlinian food. By the way most people there are annoyed by the word Nawlins. Fuck that. It said it on the menus in Dunbars restaurant, which had cockroaches climbing on the stucco ceilings and falling to the floor while coming towards our table. Cozy. Anyway at Dunbars I paid way too much for a large seafood platter, with oysters, catfish, trout, stuffed crab and shrimp which was all deep fried and unrecognizeable. And we had gone to a small place that served jumbalya and gumbo but it was closed. And on the last day on Bourbon, me and steve tried to get some jumbalaya but the kitchen was closed. We got some good wings with Cajun sauce but they were just wings, nothing especially Nawlinian, I would have gone away disappointed food wise if it was not for O'Henrys. I got the greatest bowl of soup I've ever had, it was a crawfish and corn bisque. I also 2 delicious crawfish Po'Boy sammiches which were equally to die for. Exciting. Cuz you care about my food

On the way back from the bars I threw several bags of trash in the road and it made a mess and lots of noise, and I didn't care until I turned around and saw 5 big guys standing in the driveway of the house I was in front of. They should have kicked my ass but instead they just said something "Not here buddy, keep going" which was more than I deserved.

One of the nights me and ryan were making easy mac in the lounge and ours was so much better than smittys and we were telling him so. And we found a box that I swear said lost and found but we found out later was a homeless donation box that was right next to an empty lost and found box. We rummaged through it and I came up with tons of dresses and shirts. At the end of the week I returned the dresses but I found one more in my bag when I got home, sorry homeless girl.

Later on that night I think its all drunk blurs, me and ryan were in the lounge again and some kid was sleeping and somehow ryan convinced me to put peanut butter on his face, so im standing over a passed out stranger in an unfamiliar college, drunk and giggling with a knife covered in peanut butter inches from his face and the kid wakes up. And he looked at me and I looked at him and then I walked away and me and ryan went out the back door, and when we came back later he was gone. But there was another one passed out this time and we couldn't figure out if it was guy or girl so we were all hovering over this poor fool also, but this time without malicious intent, but still creepy.

I came away with some nice souvenirs, 3 shirts from a thrift store, 5 or so more shirts from a "lost and found" on campus, a dress and some womens shirts from the same box, a Tulane reserved parking sign, a baja jacket, a dried alligator head, a water meter manhole cover from the street near Dunbars, a lamenated sign and Wallstreet journal from somebodys yard on the way back from the bars, tons of beads, and a hand grenade glass.
bead huntme, steve, ryan, smittybourbon street and my pal

It was a 20 hour trip home because we went to VaBeach to drop off Ryan and then back to JMU. Steve drove the whole way and since we left at 6am and I had only gotten 2 hours of sleep I slept for like 7hrs in the car. i stayed at 1145J for a few days and ran a tab and am now in debt to several creditors and friends. soo do me a favor and check out ebay...

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Monday, March 3rd, 2003

One Liner:frownies..hahahha...remember that guy....ahahhaha
Time:3:55 am.
hi. ive been kinda sick lately. ive been coughing alot and the other day i was eating a sandwhich and coughing and i took a sip of iced tea and it must have hit a cough because i threw up all over the floor of my room...only the 5th of memory...i have gotten sicker as the week has gone that i have your attention...

ive been having Nawlinian Dreams lately. Since i'll be in New Orleans by the end of the week, ive been thinking about it alot and having dreams about the trip like i did with florida. Last nite i dreamt that i got drunk in NO and got a tattoo of the Gorton's Fisherman on my chest...Trust the Gorton's Fisherman 50 cent is in Nawlins on the 5th..we will just miss him

on thursday we went to get 8 cases in the snow and steve was turning around and spun his tires once and the car across from us stopped and turned on its lights. It was and undercover cop car and they came over to the car and told us all to get out of the car. We are all thinking that we are in trouble and the cops say again get out and then told us it was because the weight. we then pushed the car with the cops...but we coulda have easily gotten out of there without the cops bothering us....while we were in the car, someone called my cell who claimed to be big mama...they asked me a few lude questions but didnt say a whole lot, but the voice was familiar and broke a little and i have been trying to figure out who it was. I guessed a few names when they called but now im thinking i shouldve guessed wendy or my brother...

i got wrecked at the tri-delt house and dont remember a whole lot, i slept there because every time i tried to walk outside i kept falling on my face in the snow. around 9:30 in the morning i walked home still drunk with a blinding headache and school had been cancelled due to snow but the roads really werent bad...i slept all day but still felt shitty and didnt go out on Friday night. On saturday i was very sick and also didnt go out, just smoked in my room...Sunday as well i was sick and smoked.

I made over 300 in 2 weeks with my little ebay biz, i have some back orders to send out and some im awaiting payment on so the shop is closed until after spring break but then it'll be open again. i get so many emails a day about my products and i appreciate good communication but i get so many emails asking questions that are clearly listed in my ebay product page..its like people read the title and my email link and dont read what the product is...i have been doing a lot of deals outside of ebay too. some for friends, some for strangers who saw my ebay listings. but want to avoid bidding or have lost my auctions once already. I went to Walmart on Sat to buy more blank VHS tapes and i was waiting for the bus and some nice girls pulled over and asked if i wanted a ride back to campus so i got in and they mentioned my 24 blank videos and i explained what i sell on ebay, and not only did i get a ride i also got another customer.

i am kind of annoyed by my hair and am really considering cutting it before Nawlins' spring break, i was told several times not to on Thursday nite when i was babbling about hacking it off but it really makes me look dirty and it gets in my eyes. i know from looking at pictures of me with short hair and me with long hair that i like short better...u can even look urself at many pictures of me and some i made

pretend you're hilarious
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Tuesday, February 25th, 2003

Time:5:11 am.
me and eddieOn saturday Pearl Jam tickets went on sale at 10am...Steve and me got on ticketmaster at 9:45 and kept trying until we got through. Steve got really great seats stage level, directly in front of the stage and put in all his information and the credit card went through as if he had paid and then the confirmation screen came up as an error and we lost the tickets...ticketbastard. we got back on and the next best seats we could get at that point was upstairs not quite directly across from the stage..but still Pearl Jam concert May 3rd in PA, Steve, Smitty, Piyum and Me...woo i cant wait...Just in case u didn't know, thats me and eddie vedder--->

well its been now officially a few days past the six month mark since i have had a haircut, no trims or anything...i'd say i havent set foot in a barber or salon in 6 months, but i did give matt a ride over winter break to get a haircut and yes i stepped inside. damnit.

hey its been a while since my last post as it seems it always is nowadays...I saw Old School last wednesday for free at grafton-stovall. If you haven't seen it, run...right now to the theater. It is nonstop laughs and is so good. Since only the first 600 were let in, Steve, James and I got there at 7:35 for a 10 oclock show...but it was well worth the wait..We were the second group of people in line. James and Steve brought a laptop with speakers and DVD's, chairs, and extension cords which they used to steal some electricity from an outlet in Wilson. So we watched Swingers in line for the movie...and you know what sucks the the group of kids in front of us in line were holding a spot in line for their frat brothers, but then when their brothas got there they made the kids who waited from 7:15 leave and not even get to see the movie...yikes

I also so Daredevil at Regal with Andy Mac, Neal and John from 2nd floor...i found it entertaining but some of it seemed a bit forced and over the top, especially Colin Farrell's acting as Bulls-eye..and i like Colin Farrell.

At&t finally sent me a new phone and it took all weekend and several calls to customer service to get it fully reactivated but now i can make and recieve calls again.

I have been making money on ebay, selling videotapes of cult classics.

New Orleanswho dat
im going with Steve and Smitty to New Orleans in a week for spring break. I am excited. I originally wanted to go but didn't think i'd be able to afford it, but with my ebay money i can go now. It's gonna be 12 hours of driving but i'm sure well worth it. We are staying at the apartment of a friend of Steves who goes to school in New Orleans.
<---Thats me and the New Orleans skyline...

...some Saints fans who heard i was coming i guess.---->

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Wednesday, February 19th, 2003

Time:2:40 am.
all this snow would be great if i didn't have a cold. im all achy and coughing and sniffly, its no fun.

i have been having a serious golf-jones going on the past few days, i wish it was summer so i could go golfing and complain about the heat.

i can't sleep, when i am sitting or standing, i get so tired and want to sleep, but when i lay down i lay there for an hour and just want to get up and do something.

i made about 70 bucks on ebay this week, i recieved 90 but netted about 70. The electronic transfer to my bank account should be complete in a day or two. Im shipping Pete & Pete and The State to my lucky buyers tommorow & i already have the next set of copies relisted. I really need to get Salute Your Shorts listed but the tapes are unlabeled and i feel some sort of sellers responsibillity to not sell it until i go through the complete series and label the episodes on each tape, but thats gonna take some time.

AT&T finally listened and they are sending me a new cell phone, because the old one was still under warranty but has only worked on rare occassions during the past month. It should be here in 2 days. Anyway, i think i'm getting the same model of phone which means i will enter all my numbers into this phones phonebook in a few days, and then in a couple of weeks, when i have enough money from ebay, the first thing i plan on buying is a new i will be entering all the numbers in again...

Old School plays on campus tommorow and i don't know if we are camping out or not now thats its all snowy...i really have been dying in 1145J withdrawal. But with all the snow there was very little transportation and with my cold i was better off just quarantining myself and sleeping in my bed. I guess the weekend is only a day away, good deal.

i can't see to posting without at least one picture anymore, so since i cant think of anything relevant...this picture is part of a powerpoint i made to document my trip to florida over winter break before i even went, as i assumed it would play played out even better, hotter and wetter, wahoowa.
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Sunday, February 16th, 2003

One Liner:highly medicated
Time:2:01 am.
Music:i missed the bus.
chazz palminteri was great, he was funny and insightful...he performed a little bit of his one man show version of A Bronx tale which was cool, and then they showed the movie.

smithappens chat 48 was going strong, its still alive, but now its floundering a peaked about 37 people at one time and is down to around 5 today. I haven't left since Monday the 10th, which is currently the longest without any break. If you haven't been involved with it, go, it may not seem like much depending on when you enter, but the rules are you can't leave the room...u just leave the chat minimized at all times...put up an away message, its a great idea because you always have tons of people to talk to...or lots of funny, interesting, groundbreaking, revolutionary, and amazing conversations to eaves drop on...

i have 2 ebay auctions up, the State tape and CD are doing alright, but if the 7 Pete & Pete tapes don't hit my reserve price of at least 35 bucks then it won't really be worth it. i should get the ALF stuff and Salute Your Shorts tapes up soon. i have a running tab of money i owe people, so i need some productive auctions coming up.

we finally about kicked the keg we bought last sunday. We let it sit outside from sunday until thursday, and it was drinkable but didn't taste great. since it was fermenting during the week, mike started calling us the moonshine boys. sometime during the night me and steve passed out on the couch and mike in steves bed, i was kicking steve in my sleep and he got off the couch and went to his bed. Mike got up to pee a little while later and started peeing but halfway through he realized he was in the laundry room and he yells "im peeing in the laundry room." Steve got up and escorted him away while mike's telling steve it will be alright.

at&t is being a jerk to me. My cell phone has been slowly fritzing out over the last month but for the past week, i have not been able to make or recieve a call. i lost my dorm room pin number the first week here so have had no phone, but i finally found my pin and called at&t to get a new cell phone because its still under warranty. But they gave me the run around and wasted alot of my time, telling me that its a local service problem and that i'm out of my calling area. but my calling area is all of Virginia all the way up the east coast to New Jersey, and the phone has worked and gotten great reception since August until January, so so i got angry and had a heated discussion with the no-nothing who took my call. he said it should be fine in a few days, which was another lie. i'm going to call back tommorow. i also havent paid my dorm phone bill yet this year so they are threatening to disconnect me...which makes it hard to call back at&t with no phone.

on valentines, we finished the keg, which for some reason, tasted better that it had on thursday, and then we went out. We sang to all the songs that came on and danced by ourselves with each other. yeah honey.

saturday it was all snowy and we went to d-hall for lunch and filmed it. it was some good video of singing in the car, d-hall, snowball fights and other goodness. someday, i believe the video will be on cannedjam, hopefully soon, so keep looking for it. we watched tv for the rest of the day and i ended up with a headache, and there wasn't much going on and its very snowy, so anyway i went back to the dorm and watched american psycho and duck soup.

feed me a stray cat.

this confession has meant nothing.
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Monday, February 10th, 2003

One Liner:I'm not pathetic, wait unless you meant to say hilarious....
Time:5:17 pm.
From 7ish Thursday night until 11pm Sunday night, I was only in my dorm for probably under 3 hours, to shower and change clothes. I LIVED on the 1145j couch for the entire weekend. The second consecutive weekend on their couch. I logged approximately 72 couch hours this weekend. We went for food a few times, went to a party or 2 and moved about the apartment but for the most part I was riding the couch. Sunday alone, we watched TV for over 12 hours straight, me without any break. By saturday i realized i will probably continue to stay on their couch alot so i brought an extra toothpaste and brush and pants to sleep in to leave at 1145. i'm on the couch so much they were throwing out ideas about me living in their living room for first semester next year...who knows but i'll probably live in the dorms 1st semester and then 2nd semester i might sublease angel's room when he goes to DC.

Sleeping on the couch actually makes me more productive. If I sleep in my bed I' sleep all day because I'm so comfortable. But on a couch in someone else's place I wake up early and get started on my day of intense TV watching bright and early.

Classes were cancelled on Friday due to snow which really helped, gave us all some well-needed time to relax with some TV. We played monopoly on Friday? During the day and then Drunk-opoly at nite before we went out. At Rob's party the music kept shorting out and the song stopped every few seconds and then picked up again and at first it was cool, people would dance and then freeze when the music did, I was raving like a mad man and stopping with the music. But then it got annoying and 4 kegs were kicked so back out to the couch.

On Saturday, we got a keg, and it was only me, Steve, and James. So we figured it out that each of us would have to drink 5 and 1/3 gallons. Which worked out to like 80 Chanello's cups each. So we had our work cut out for us, but we made a pact that no one fell asleep until we finished the keg. HA foolish fools. Shaun, Angel, Nicole, and Tarin and 3 other girls came over, Piyum was in and out, Steve and James got trashed and I drank roughly 40 cups. Well, we still didn't put a dent in the keg. We were playing Zoomie Zoomie(sp?) and I just couldn't get my coordination, grasp of the game, and speech to line up so I really just didn't belong in the game. Somewhere along I was dancing on the couch to distract the girls. Somewhere else in time the kids from downstairs barged in with like 7 guys and accused us of pouring beer on them from our balcony which was bullshit. We told them no one purposely did anything. And then later their tap got stolen and they came up again and accused us of stealing it. We should have bound their hands and legs and fed them cotton balls.

Anyway I ended up puking, which I hate and I have only done 4 times in 15 odd years of conscious memories. This was the first time I've puked at JMU. They say I was sprawled out in the dirty bathroom for hours but I recall it as only 5 minutes tops. Anyway I ended up passed out on the couch and was the first one to break the pact. Dammit!

O and u say o man that's sad, u pathetic mess, u must have been bored or had couch sores on your rear-end. BUT NO. I enjoyed every second. Productivity, efficiency and Usefulness are over-rated. Me, Steve and James just made hilarious comments all day and talked about our pathetic-ness. We had the perfect weekend to have been writing our movie but I think we are gonna put it off some more because it's easier to. If we put it off long enough we were thinking just perform it live via satellite on the day of the festival. Hoo, seriously.

On Wednesday me and James and probably no more than a handful of others students are going to hear Chazz Palminteri, Sonny from A Bronx Tale, talk and then they're showing A Bronx Tale. I bought my ticket and James told me that if they weren't many left, I should get him one because he couldn't buy his until the next day. So I asked the woman if there were a lot of tickets left and she just laughed at me. So I don't think it's gonna be too crowded.

Also the Wednesday after that, Old School is playing on campus before it comes out in theatres, so steve and james and I are thinking we will pitch a tent outside the theater around 5, so we are the first in line for the show which will probably start at 9.

Still trying to put together my ebay superstore so I can be filthy rich.

speaking nothing but jibberish in front of your children so they never learn to speak, is the new thing
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Wednesday, February 5th, 2003

One Liner:James linked me so....thanks
Time:11:09 pm.
in the hallways everyone has a dry erase board on their doors and whenever there is something on your board it is only a matter of time before someone tampers with it to make it obscene...You may remember that since Parents weekend in October, i have had a picture of myself if i were a carrot, a carrotcature that my brother drew for me. I know it was a work of art but i personally considered it an insult that no one tampered with it. But finally, 4 months or so later someone touched it. woo. it used to say If dan was a carrot he would look like this, but now it says If dan were a sperm he would look like this. yeah buddy.

last friday, out a party i dunno stuff happened, i hooked up with a girl from bridgewater? i dont know i hear thats not too impressive, what do i know. anyway i dont care about that kissy face stuff, there are much more important things to worry about. Anyway the point of the mention is that piyum comes into the party from somewhere and he was trashed so he sat down and in a moment of drunk confusion, boredom, he asks steve to dump a beer on his head, steve says what? no, so piyum pours beer on his own head.I applaud him, not that its cool to pour beer on your head, but i know what he was feeling. He was feeling weird, out of it, drunk, empty and his only reaction was to grab some attention in a last ditch effort and do something stupid. I remember at lunch last year, usually i would laugh and make jokes and have fun but one day i was feeling weird and out of it and just dumped a bottle of water on my head for no reason and people freaked out and laughed their asses off, and they ask why did u do that and i'm like i don't know, i wasn't on and it was a last ditch effort at something, anything. so i get it...i understand.

i'm closing in on 6 months without a haircut. August 20th was the last time i stepped foot in a barber or salon. its one of the longest things i've ever done. or i guess not done which makes it much less lets say its something i did. yess something i have accomplished. i am excited. i think i'm close to getting my hair the longest its ever been in my life. i remember a year ago i had a normal head of hair, and one day i was feeling weird and i had just seen the Royal Tenebaums, and i put on Needle in the Hay by Elliiot Smith and just cut all my hair off and shaved my head to skin. So i've seen my head with nothing, now i have to see my head with hair down to my shoulders. then i guess my life will be..complete?

i still owe angel 3 dollars. i hate owing money i just like to pay up quick. But it is so hard for me to hang on to 3 singles at one time. Me and angel bet on eveyrthing from commercials to injuries to penalties to field goal distances on the superbowl and i ended up 6 bucks down in total and i paid him 3 and said i'd owe him three and everytime i see him i have 1 single, and he wont take it in installments he wants 3 at a time, but i cant hang on to singles they fly away like birds.

I spend most of my classes drawing and writing ideas for james's movie. It will feel good to film again, i havent filmed anything since well actually the break, so whatever but this is gonna be great.

i like dave chapelle. he's very likeable.
jimmy kimmel live is hilarious. its a trainwreck. but the funniest trainwreck i've ever seen. I don't know why anyone is watching it but me and tegitoff, and maybe no one is but then why hasn't it been cancelled after a week like Magic Johnson's show. HaHA o man any number of Magic Johnson Show jokes would kill me laughing. But he had guests. People liked him. Kimmel can only book his friends, B and C-list celebs or other people who make their living making making fun of celebrities and therefore are ostracized, like himself. i miss snoop though, he made it great.

i set up my ebay seller's account this week so i'm all set to soon be rolling in the money, selling copies of the complete series of Pete and Pete, & Salute Your Shorts. i will also sell tapes of Mtv's hilarious sketch comedy classic the State, accompanied by a CD with quicktimes of a large number of skits. In addition i'll probably be selling ABC's made for TV movie Project:ALF and old episodes of the series. Who knows if i can get a kidney out i might try selling that too. i'm gonna be rich.


birds nursing from dogs
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Tuesday, January 21st, 2003

One Liner:drop the radio into the tub when white rabbit peaks
Time:11:39 pm.
Music:something corporate.
there is really is no happier time for me these days then when im eating a everything bagel roast beef and swiss sandwhich w/ mayo, lettuce & tomato from festival...i have at very least 2 a day.

i got these great new fonts online and i was excited about the character symbol which was a sandwhich but i forgot if you dont have the same font it will just look like the letter Z to you....anyway i saved it as a picture so u can see, man i could have used a sandwhich ten ways a day in away messages, conversations and profiles...

my goal in 2 years or less is to own a deli meat slicer and a cold case full of block cheeses and grandfather and uncles have owned delis so maybe they can hook me up with contacts for equipment and stuff...they used to have boars head and thumans on speed dial so im sure they can set me up with the works...set up a mini personal deli in my dorm or off campus house...someday.

i did the math and i only have to get a 3.0 this semester to get a 2.0 cumulative and stay at JMU, but that doesnt change anything, i'm still getting that 4.0...yowza

i just have been very sloth like lately...i am very tired, maybe its the cold, i just havent felt like posting anything, i've definitely cut back on the talking online too, just not a whole bunch to say...

i keep having this same dream over and over and its like an action movie, i'm not sure that im in it but im scared when the main leads are under fire. it is word for word scene for scene the same dream each time but each time its longer and clearer when i wake up. I rarely have recurring dreams, except for when i was about 13 for about 6 months.

--I used to have terrible nightmares about having to shoot a free throw with a bowling ball, and i would be killed if i missed. I would also have recurring dreams about killing people and being hunted down by sherlock holmes (i would fall asleep every night to the scary ass music from Sherlock Holmes on A&E that my dad watched.) i would sleepwalk and would be awake enough to carry on conversations about how i had just killed someone or someone was going to kill me but i was still asleep so i wouldnt remember anything. ( i remember waking up a few times in a panic and really beliveing i had a gun in my hands and throwing it into the closet and running away, but i just threw air but i was half awake and all i knew was i was scared. I would sit on the couch and have conversations with my parents and scream about dying but i wouldnt remember anything except when they slowly calmed me down, and i'd wake up gradually usually to Sanford and Son that my dad was watching. it was more of a recurring terror of death but it was every night for at least six i havent thought about that for years but it was so real and i only am conscious of some of it...

the 1145J new years eve party on fri was great. it started out i'd say awesome but some may say lame with about 20 guys in shirts and ties watching drama on tv with no girls..but i still loved it, but that was early, then later the place got packed and it was greater or really great. i wore my green happy new years hat and party blower from jamies new years party and my tuxedo shorts from the prom.

1145J plug, i have been having a lot of fun there, i missed some naked brawling on sat cuz i didnt feel like going out and on sunday when i got there mike and steve were camped out on the balcony with beer and pretzels and lawnchairs and blankets...later on mark poniatowksi and some other kids were questioned by 6 cops in 3 cars right outside 1145J. we watched and James filmed but all we could make out was that somebodys equipment was kicked and the cops were called, but one kid was cuffed and thrown in the cop car...

james got an awesome camera that cost like 5 large, so the idea is to scrape together a script and make some film magic...

i really miss animal crossings, mike does too so he's trying to get me to move into chandler dorm so we can split gamecube and the game and its really tempting but thats alot of work to move and then i'd leave matt without a tv and id be without a fridge.
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Monday, January 13th, 2003

One Liner:thats nothing but burger king, taco bell twice and beer much for 2 days...
Time:3:04 am.
Music:paper bag.
i have no patience for ur heartfelt confessions and i feel bad about it...get me back and ignore this my first post in ages...

i was not online much at home and i really didnt miss it...i missed talking to stef, but thats really it...i checked smitty, james's and kevins sites as regularly as possible, along with my favorite journals and blogs..but really didnt stay at the computer for long or very often...

well if you are lucky enough to be one of the few ppl that i havent bragged/complained repeatedly about my GPA....i finished the first semester with a 0.78 GPA...stop calling me stupid long enough for me to make some excuses....anyway, with my JMU existance on the line i should pull at 360, and be facing the same way i just was, but this time ill be aceing my academic prohbation shortened schedule with a 4.0, cuz i need a combined 2.0 to return in the fall, so if i dont get a 4.0 i may be summer schooling it. i have a rediculously easy and convenient schedule, so now that i plan on showing up things will be fine.

i had a great break, despite still not doing everything i guess i would have liked to...u dont care, i'm telling u

me and mike went drove home to JMU on saturday, made great time and stayed at 1145J ashby for 2 days of football, beer, taco bell, ps2 hockey, in short hijinks of all sorts...whatever, stop trying to be cute...i had a lot of fun. steve mentioned the 1145J plugs in here so 1145J, 1145J!....why am i still going on...?

i was gonna use this post to make promises to myself about how im changing myself for the better, lifting, going to classes, gettting a job..but how bout i actually do some of this shit before i say anything, i mean fuck i promised to change my sleep habits but yet its still 3am and im typing away in the dark all alone and i have class tommorow

looking forward to new years eve party on fri

something too little too late in hopes of making u leave fulfilled

i love JMU, good to be back, but i think i hate myself, maybe its just a nic-fit...
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