Thanks for Voting Duke Dog to an Undefeated Season

The People's Champion

JMU's Duke Dog Owned the Online Vote, regardless of the final outcome.

This Message Paid for by the Danwho to Elect Duke Dog Foundation. Thank you all around to everyone who voted...and to those who didn't bother, we didn't need your fucking votes anyway. The outpouring of support was indeed incredible, but the contest was completely worthless anyway as the judges had already ranked us too low to possibly win. Perhaps they thought they were throwing us a bone even letting Duke Dog in the competition, all the while counting him out of contention, but regardless we can rest happily knowing that we represented to the fullest in the forum that we were granted to do so...Fuck the selection commitee and Fuck Capitalone. The Duke Dog does not necessarily support the views held by Danwho and did not specifically approve this message, but he knows goddamned well that he earned the title and was robbed.

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