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So you're confused...and rightfully so, I mean this is crazy stuff. TomJonesPants? The sexbomb lifestyle?

Listen, we here at TJPants promise that our content will never be fact-checked or subject of questioning, this I can assure you. This is a place where anything goes, truths, half-truths, bold faced lies. But it's not anarachy, Haraaah Ha! That's not the Tom Jones way.

This website was born as a sort of twisted fansite to and for Tom Jones. Are you a Tom Jones fan? No? Well neither were we. We knew who he was, had heard a few of his bigger hits, but really didn't pay much attention.

Well came out of nowhere after we listened, really listened to some of Tom Jones's songs, most specifically Sex Bomb. The song is hilarious at first listen and contagious at second. That was the hook, an older man still swinging his insatiable sexuality into an anthem for the ages.

Now a fish will spit out the hook sometimes, if the bait isn't really fucking good. If he was just an aging heart-throb crooning love songs, the relationship would have ended right there. So we looked more deeply into the library of TJ and found numerous other fantastic gems, including covers and remixes with a re-invented current flair. The obsession grew to a dangerous intensity. Now to let others in on this diamond in the rough.

The site originated as a bit of a joke of a fansite, even though we have recently become crazy obsessed fans, we're still just joking around. But the sky's the limit. There is no real author, anyone can write for TJPants and we hope you do. Right now we are accepting any stories about Tom Jones, but the future holds unlimited possibilities. Our hope is to make TomJonesPants DotCom a mecca for writing of both factual and fictional natures.

The name for the site came while playing around with a logo and looking through pictures of Tom. Tom Jones is famous for his voice and his tight pants, he's an icon for Las Vegas and a lust filled sexual predator. He's been around for decades, and his undying appeal and all he stands for are encapsulated in his trademark too-tight pants that appear to have been painted on, hence TomJonesPantsDotCom. Plus the pants are funny, and everybody enjoys a good laugh including Tom, Haraah Ha!.
Have a Sexbomb Day,
~The Good Folks at

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