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High School and Stuff
In order to avoid misrepresenting the past I have not adjusted contrasts or cropped the badly scanned photos...yeah thats the reason, couldnt be that I am too lazy

Playground fun, who knows, i'd say i was maybe 4, adorable

Thats my childhood neighbor Erin i think her name was, and I might be maybe 3 there, it doesnt really matter

Michele and Me in school sometime during senior year, probably in her study hall which i frequented when we werent playing anything fun in gym

Matts wet pants in Kelly-Kidas Study Hall

This is doms shoulder, me and Kyle in lunch

This is Chris Clemens in lunch, my adopted freshman nephew or something

Fran was the best lunch lady ever, she let me hang in the kitchen and dance to 80's music, always saved us her special ranch dressing and bought our table lunch once. (Joey, David, Kyle, Me, Fran, Dan, Matt and Dom pictured)

At one of Davids Parties me and marc had a pose-off

I could not compose myself, but I still won the pose-off

Kelly Kidas study hall with matt, dan fernandez and michele

One of David O's parties: Alexis, Ryan, Kim, Michele, Grossman, Matt Esposito, And Joey's in the Mirror

Me and Michele, I spent half the night without a shirt and was naked soon afterwards and had a 'Naked Dans Dance Party' with Kim and Mich

Me and Kimmy C prior to the Naked Dans Dance Party


Christmas Deer Humping, good times

Pre Prom stop one, at Matts, while he waited for his date who was late arriving from Long Island

Hot Damn

Me and Mich dont pose for conventional prom photos
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