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Brushing My Teeth
09.23.2005: Video
Our first stab at the small screen, a killing contest. because low rent filmmakers always do slasher flicks. Two to Two Me Baby
The Red Scare
09.23.2005: Video
The second short we filmed at the whoshouse studios, The Red Scare was actually a school project that Matt showed to Mr. Wilkens history class. Mr. Wilkens was less than impressed with the historical innacuracies and bawdy humor.
The Worlds Greatest Sporting Events
06.06.2005: Video
If you like profanities, humping, and naked preteen boys then you are the ellusive audience this film has been craving.
One Armed Tracy
05.04.2005: Video
When your name is tracy, and you only have one arm, and your dad is a piece of shit then this is your story.
Unfinished Untitled Vietnam Project
03.25.2005: Video
What if a couple of guys watched Full Metal Jacket a bunch of times, borrowed some cammo jackets from some neighbors and spent the day fucking around with dialogue and camera angles