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Colbert Report: Ben Franklin
03.02.2006: Video
The Colbert Report's first Better Know A Founder. Stephen interviews Ben Franklin. Is that French for Syphilis?
Ken Burns: An American Interview
11.14.2005: Video
Colbert Interviews Documentarian Ken Burns and makes a documentary about it.
Formidable Opponent: Charity?
11.14.2005: Video
Is Charity Really Good? The only man worthy to match wits against Stephen Colbert as he debates this issue is Stephen ColbertGreen Screen tie and reversed camera angles and one Stephen becomes two.
Wilford Brimley Calls Colbert
11.09.2005: Video
I think the mere mention of Wilford Brimley is hysterical and Stephen Colbert does a great impression. In this short clip from The Colbert Report, Stephen talks to himself as Wilford Brimley calling at 3 in the morning.
10.18.2005: Blog
Stephen Colbert gets his own anchor job in a Oreilly Factor type satire, The Colbert Report on Comedy Central
Colbert vs Phillips: Gravitas
10.18.2005: Video
Stephen Colbert, who has been referred to as the Stone Phillips of fake news, goes head to head against Phillips in a battle of Gravitas.
The Colbert Report: Truthiness
10.18.2005: Video
Stephen starts with the word of the day: Truthiness, but ends up putting down books for their concentration on facts and lack of heart, touching on a key Bush decision, and lays out some of his ideals for the audience.