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Colbert Report: Ben Franklin
03.02.2006: Video
The Colbert Report's first Better Know A Founder. Stephen interviews Ben Franklin. Is that French for Syphilis?
SWC: Colbert on Syphilis
02.27.2006: Video
Stephen Colbert on the historical deaths caused by Syphilis. From Season 3 of Comedy Central's Strangers With Candy. Colbert said in the season one commentary that he regretted Dinello and Sedaris making him say the line about Fidel Castro dressing up like Marilyn Monroe to infect JFK with a case of syphilis so severe that it eventually blew the back of his head off. And then said he also regretted repeating it in the commentary. I bet he also regrets that I find it so hilarious and wish to share it with as many others as possible.