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Bill Burr: Dirty Sneakers
02.20.2006: Video
Black dudes with dirty sneakers scare the fucking shit out of Bill Burr. Bill Burr doing stand up comedy about the black dudes he knows on HBO's One Night Stand. When he moved to the city his only frame of reference for black dudes was early 90's gansta rap, throw the LA riots in there and it's horrible PR.
Bill Burr: Harlem
02.17.2006: Video
Bill Burr was seeing this black girl who lived in Harlem, and had fight his fear for a 5 AM booty-call. Standup comedy from HBO's One Night Stand about shockingly caucasion Bill Burr in the heart of black-dominated Harlem, and black dudes going out to the suburbs to fuck white chicks. By the time he gets up there it's like 5 or 4 in the morning and he's standing on the corner of like Malcolm X and Danny Glover.
Bill Burr: Catholicism
02.14.2006: Video
If you're not hurting anybody, why would God care? Standup from Bill Burr's One Night Stand on HBO about catholicism, the afterlife, eating meat on friday, jerking off, priests and sex with kids. Do you think that if they were fucking kids at Walmart, they could still sell rakes the next day?
Bill Burr: Marriage, Parents and Brunch
02.13.2006: Video
Getting married is like skydiving, and 50% of the chutes don't open. From Bill Burr's standup comedy special on HBO's One Night Stand. Burr covers marriage, how women throw out all their husbands pre-marriage stuff, his dad telling him his problems like an eight-year old bartender, and how women fill up your day off with horrendous ideas like brunch. Why would you want to sleep in on a sunday, when you can go pay $18 for eggs.
Jim Gaffigan: Gifts and Alcohol
02.02.2006: Video
Jim Gaffigan doing standup about how hard it is to give and recieve gifts and some stuff about alcohol. From his new Comedy Central Special and comedy DVD: Beyond the Pale. Now I know what I'm getting you next year, this.
Jim Gaffigan: Hot Pockets
02.01.2006: Video
Five minutes of standup on Hot Pockets, from Jim Gaffigan. From Jim Gaffigan's newest Comedy Central Special featuring material from his new comedy DVD Beyond The Pale.I'll have the caesar salad and the hot pocket.
Jim Gaffigan: Vegetarians
02.01.2006: Video
Jim Gaffigan is a vegetarian now, but he's not a strict vegetarian. Standup from Gaffigan's new Comedy Central Special featuring material from his new comedy DVD Beyond the Pale. Your bologna has a last name and it's Gaffigan.
Louis CK: Hell
10.16.2005: Video
Louis CK talking about his future damnation in Hell.
Louis CK: Masturbation
10.16.2005: Video
Louis CK talking about being a married man and trying to find a place to masturbate.
Louis CK: Naming Kids
10.16.2005: Video
Louis CK talking about the responsibility of naming your kid
Louis CK: Hide and Seek
10.16.2005: Video
Louis CK talking about playing hide and seek with his daughter
Louis CK: Questions
10.16.2005: Video
Louis CK talking about attempting to answer your child's endless stream of questions