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SNL: Matt Dillon Monologue
03.13.2006: Video
Matt Dillon reads the acceptance speech he would have given had he won the oscar for his role as a racist LA cop from Crash. I come from a big irish family and my mother was always able to take the time to put down the potato peeler and her flask of whiskey to give me and my sixteen brothers and sisters all the love and support we needed.
SNL: Alec Baldwin's 12th Monologue
12.13.2005: Video
Alec Baldwin is now one behind Steve Martin for the most SNL hostings at 12. If you missed his previous 11, this will try to catch you up. After you hit the 5-timer club, you are required to use your monologue to talk about how many times you've hosted. But, Baldwin keeps hosting because he's fantastic at it. Even in dull seasons, his episodes are non-stop laughs.
SNL: Dane Cook - Monologue
12.04.2005: Video
Dane Cook doing a 9 minute stand-up comedy opening monologue on SNL, like Steve Martin in the SNL glory days.