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End of an Era AND Lights. Camera. Cousins.
08.08.2010: Blog
The first site update post-college. Reflections on graduating and select pictures from annual family vacation to OBX: long exposures with light effects.
Even Steven OR How I Learned to Keep My Balance
07.06.2010: Blog
Eight Years Later, still analyzing my college experiences
Castles in the sky, sweet lullabies...
06.06.2007: Blog
Ross Copperman will make you believe.
Block LBI Reunion 06
07.28.2006: Cgallery
The second leg of the 2006 JMU Block Reunion, an extended weekend in LBI.
:you drink the booze, you lose
10.02.2005: Blog
I wanted to go to Hofstra to watch JMU football, instead I got piss drunk, passed out, puked on myself and had to fend off EMTs
JMU at Hofstra
10.01.2005: Cgallery
I got blackout drunk on the alumni bus to hofstra and missed most of the jmu football game because i was throwing up
Macs postJMU BBQ
07.22.2005: Cgallery
Mac n Steve held a BBQ and barhop for post-JMUers
JMU wrapup
07.15.2005: Cgallery
I had to clean out my apartment so i went to JMU and took pictures of things i didnt want to forget
like tyson, I just don't have the ferocity anymore
06.17.2005: Blog
I made my non-return to JMU official days after Mike Tyson embarassed himself in his hopefully final return to the ring
jmu: last hoorahs
05.10.2005: Blog
trip to JMU to clean out my apartment
05.08.2005: Cgallery
Nine Beers, Nine Hotdogs, Nine Innings -- 5.8.05
graduation 05
05.07.2005: Cgallery
Day Long Graduation Party -- 5.7.05
05.05.2005: Cgallery
Cinco De Mayo 05 -- 05.05.05
21 grams
05.01.2005: Blog
recap of my 21st birthday barhop and launch of my busted shoulder video
Danwhos 21st Bday Aftermath Audio
04.29.2005: Video
I turned 21. I got drunk. I wandered. I climbed an 8 foot fence and fell from the top on my shoulder. Smitty took video.
Random Chance Roadtrip
04.28.2005: Blog
Me and James needed to kill an afternoon, so we flipped a coin 25 times, heads was for right and tails for left. And then we went for a drive, turning according to our random chance directions at stoplights or T-intersections.
Random Chance Roadtrip
04.26.2005: Video
James and I were bored, So we flipped a coin 25 if that wasn't fun enough we assigned left or right to heads and tails and then went for a drive turning at T-intersections and lights according to our random chance directions
get your priorities crooked
04.04.2005: Blog
the 3rd annual Block Bikini Oil Wrestling
bowe III
04.01.2005: Cgallery
The 3rd annual 1589 Bikini Oil Wrestling Extravaganza -- 4.1.05
daniel patricks day
03.21.2005: Blog
st pattys, a full day of drinking guiness and eating corned beef soaked in guiness, and making irish car bombs with guiness
st patricks 05
03.17.2005: Cgallery
St Patricks Day 2005 Day-Long Party -- 3.17.05
beauty school dropout
03.02.2005: Blog
a photo essay about going a little crazy at the idea of not returning to JMU
mustache party
02.18.2005: Cgallery
1145j's Tom Selleck Burt Reynolds Shaun Staunton Mustache Party -- 2.18.05
Keg Race 05
02.06.2005: Blog
2nd annual block keg race
keg race 05
02.05.2005: Cgallery
Keg Race II and the ensuing bloodbath -- 2.05.05
Keg Race Live Draft
02.04.2005: Blog
2nd annual keg race draft, where I was drafted way too high and subsequently traded for a girl and a beer
digital versatile disc
01.29.2005: Blog
Power Hour DVD
powerhour DVD
01.28.2005: Cgallery
Power Hour DVD and other party night type things -- 1.28.05
3rd times a charm
01.16.2005: Blog
the 3rd annual mid january new new years party
new new years 05
01.14.2005: Cgallery
The 3rd annual 1145J New New Years Party -- 1.14.05
no losey
12.27.2004: Blog
JMU's Duke Dog won the online vote for the mascot challenge in a landslide but still lost the competition
trek home
12.21.2004: Cgallery
My trip from Virginia to New Jersey for Winter Break 2004 at dawn, stopping along the way at everything of interest -- 12.04
Blockxmas 04
12.20.2004: Cgallery
The 2004 Annual Christmas Party and White Elephant Chinese Auction Gift Exchange at the Block in Fox Hills -- 12.04
JMU: we're kind of a big deal
12.18.2004: Blog
JMU won the national championship, the popular vote for the mascot challenge and I went there so it was doing well press wise
BOWE 2: This time it's sexual...I mean personal
05.04.2004: Blog
Bikini Oil Wrestling 2
load up on guns, and bring your friends
04.30.2004: Blog
2nd annual 90s party, I went as Kurt Cobain
90s Party
04.29.2004: Cgallery
90s Theme Party -- 4.29.04
girls, don't get me wrong, I had fun, I always do
04.18.2004: Blog
A JMU toga party and an in depth discussion on how the raciness that used to be associated with Toga Parties has changed with the times.
lock out
04.14.2004: Blog
I got locked out of my dorm in the middle of the night and talked to my buddy marty on the phone to kill the time, and then for no good reason put together a mini gallery of the many faces of Marty.
I lufff her [or him (the mouse)]
04.10.2004: Blog
We found a mouse on Good Friday that had been leftovers from the dinner of some snake, and made him our pet despite his frequent escape attempts
allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Who
04.04.2004: Blog
A typical early April night at JMU, NCAA Basketball Final Four, Bdubs and Beer, Relay for Life, Donald Trump hosting SNL, etc
The Jokes on Jimmy Madison
04.01.2004: Blog
The explanation to a April Fools Joke where i pretended i hadn't paid my hosting bill and my website had been suspended
floggin daniel patrick
03.18.2004: Blog
St Pattys 2004 was a full day of drinking and getting kicked out of class
Abbys 21st
02.13.2004: Cgallery
Abby's 21st, without many party pics but plenty from my walk home -- 2.13.04
3 in one like that fisher price game table i always wanted but that really sucks
02.11.2004: Blog
Post covering: Back Pain, JMU, Drunk Driving, Public Speaking, Sleepless in Seattle, Labatt Blue, and The Price is Right
drunkenly providing instant access into my life
02.08.2004: Blog
Nicole had a Pop Sensations costume party and I went as Boy George
Pop Sensations
02.07.2004: Cgallery
Nicole's Pop Sensation Theme Party -- 2.7.04
02.06.2004: Cgallery
Some Party When Matt and many others were visiting JMU -- 2.6.04
you drink the booze you lose
01.17.2004: Blog
My college roomate sophmore year came back one night hammered and puking but still managed to rag on the NY Football Giants
01.15.2004: Blog
Who do I look like, some kid got hit by a car, New Years
Words of Wisdom From Uncle Jesse
01.12.2004: Blog
Jesse Jackson came to speak at JMU, whitey mcwhite university, on Martin Luther King Jr Day.