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UCB: Shut Up
11.30.2005: Video
Being told to shut up is annoying, but being told to shut up more than once is annoying more than once. Stars Matt Walsh, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts and Amy Poehler of the Upright Citizens Brigade.
UCB: Steve Youngbloods Kung Fu
11.28.2005: Video
You thought you wanted to learn was Kung-Fu. What you really want to learn is how to kick ass. Steve Youngblood is Ian Roberts, also stars Matt Besser, Amy Poehler and Matt Walsh from Upright Citizen's Brigade. There's no such thing as shark rodeo.
Ass Pennies
10.26.2005: Video
Matt Walsh asks his successful older brother, Ian Roberts, how to get the upper hand in his business meeting.
Fortune Cookies in Bed
10.26.2005: Video
Two couples play the Fortune Cookie In Bed game, where you read your fortune and add 'In Bed' to the end.