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:Nifty Spiral
11.09.2005: Blog
Football: games, fantasy, office pools, and a rooster with a system.
:you drink the booze, you lose
10.02.2005: Blog
I wanted to go to Hofstra to watch JMU football, instead I got piss drunk, passed out, puked on myself and had to fend off EMTs
JMU at Hofstra
10.01.2005: Cgallery
I got blackout drunk on the alumni bus to hofstra and missed most of the jmu football game because i was throwing up
speaking of quarterback controversy
09.27.2005: Blog
The NY Jets lost their first and second string QBs to injury in a span of seven plays, Vinny Testaverde is tapped to once again lead the team
JMU: we're kind of a big deal
12.18.2004: Blog
JMU won the national championship, the popular vote for the mascot challenge and I went there so it was doing well press wise
you drink the booze you lose
01.17.2004: Blog
My college roomate sophmore year came back one night hammered and puking but still managed to rag on the NY Football Giants