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SNL: Doppleganger
03.15.2006: Video
SNL Digital Short about people watching and finding your doppleganger. Starring Andy Samberg, Will Forte, Seth Meyers and Horatio Sans. That guy's got a big tophat, he doesn't look anything like me.
SNL: Badass Natalie Portman
03.05.2006: Video
SNL Digital Short of a motherfucking badass Natalie Portman dropping some knowledge. If it was possible for Natalie Portman to be any hotter, it was definitely accomplished in this hip-hop/rap video. One part hilarious satirical digital short, one part genius beat and video production, one part superb soon-to-be viral marketing ploy for V for Vendetta. Natalie can sell me badass rage any day. No doubt the product of LonelyIsland alums Jorma, Akiva and Andy. Stars Natalie Portman, Viking Andy Samberg, Chris Parnell and Seth Meyers.
SNL: Close Talker
02.07.2006: Video
Digital Short about the distance between us. Steve Martin and Will Forte are old aquaintances who meet in a hotel lobby and catch up...but both have a skewed sense of comfortable distance.
SNL: The Tangent
02.06.2006: Video
Fred Armisen goes off on a tangent that lasts the length of many celebrity careers. An SNL Digital Short which stars Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Chris Parnell, Scarlett Johansen, Gideon Yago, Brian Williams, and Conan O'brien.
SNL: Young Chuck Norris
01.31.2006: Video
Chuck Norris is awesome, and the mere mention of him is also hilarious. Not really one of my favorites when it comes to SNL Digital Shorts or things from The Lonely Island Dudes, but for symmetry's sake I needed to add it to my collection.Stars Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen and Amy Poehler also notice that Jorma gets some SNL screen time.
SNL: Lazy Sunday Digital Short
12.18.2005: Video
Hilarious rap video style SNL Digital Short in which Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell spend a lazy sunday in NYC. We Love The Chronic...les of Narnia. And I love the Lonely Island Dudes. Akiva Schaffer directed, Jorma Taccone did the beat and Andy, Akiva, Jorma and Parnell wrote it together.
SNL: Lettuce
12.15.2005: Video
Lettuce can get us through even the hardest times. An SNL Digital Short starring Andy Samberg and Will Forte. Written by Jorma Taccone, Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg and Will Forte. Directed by Akiva Schaffer.