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Mr Show: Shampoo
02.28.2006: Video
When returning from Amsterdam, David Cross's guilt over hiding his stash in his shampoo bottle gets the better of him at US Customs. Don't try and shampoo a shampooer.
Mr Show: The Burgundy Loafe
02.26.2006: Video
At this classy fine dining french restaurant, they do not have bathrooms because that would be too crude. From season four of HBO's Mr Show with Bob and David. Rudy will await your foundation. Enjoy your meal.
Mr Show: The Joke The Musical
02.09.2006: Video
Jack Black be nimble, Jack Black be quick, Jack Black told you not to fill that hole with your dick. A musical take on a joke about a lost traveling salesman who stops at a farm for the night but his curiosity about three holes in the barn wall gets the better of him. From the first season of HBO's Mr. Show with Bob and David, featuring a young Jack Black.
Mr Show: Rapist
06.22.2005: Video
This is a sketch about Larry Kleist, Insurance Salesman/Rapist. It is a parody of the laws that make sex offenders register as such and tell all their neighbors of their past when they move into a new area.
Mr Show: Pallies
05.10.2005: Video
This clip is is a parody of Goodfellas as it would appear edited for network tv. Mother Father Chinese Dentist.
Mr Show: The Story of Everest
04.25.2005: Video
The video clip is a sketch about Thomas, played by Jay Johnston, coming home from conquering Mount Everest and telling the story.