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Tampa 06
09.13.2006: Cgallery
David, Marc and I flew to Tampa to hang out with Alexis and Melissa.
05.08.2005: Cgallery
Nine Beers, Nine Hotdogs, Nine Innings -- 5.8.05
Black Sunday, Vote Monday
10.11.2004: Blog
Both Christopher Reeve and ken Caminitti died on the same day
Pardon the Replacements
07.29.2004: Blog
Pardon the Interuption was suffering through its hosts' summer vacations, so I held my own version of heads on sticks
dave osorio feel free to tune out
04.16.2004: Blog
When Cal Ripken Jr. wrote a book highlighting the ways to play baseball professionally, I parodied it with a a satirical book review as if it had been written by Albert Belle
The Alex Rodriguez Show
02.16.2004: Blog
Alex Rodriguez was traded to the New York Yankees and I used my vast network of phone taps to find how the deal went down