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SNL: Steve Martin vs Alec Baldwin
02.05.2006: Video
Steve Martin has now hosted SNL a record 14 times, but Alec Baldwin almost tied him at 13. This is a compilation of two behind the scenes at SNL sketches from Steve Martin's 14th hosting appearance: The intro sketch and a sketch from later on in the show where Martin demands more money from Lorne Michaels for his appearance. Features Kelly Ripa, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, Andy Samberg, Lorne Micheals, Chris Parnell and Jimmy Fallon.
SNL: OReilly Factor - McCain/Barney Frank
12.14.2005: Video
Alec Baldwin does a dead on impression of openly gay congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) and talks to Darrell Hammond as Bill OReilly. Also covers Torture with Chris Parnell as John McCain, the remake of King Kong, and Tom Cruise.
SNL: Alec Baldwin's 12th Monologue
12.13.2005: Video
Alec Baldwin is now one behind Steve Martin for the most SNL hostings at 12. If you missed his previous 11, this will try to catch you up. After you hit the 5-timer club, you are required to use your monologue to talk about how many times you've hosted. But, Baldwin keeps hosting because he's fantastic at it. Even in dull seasons, his episodes are non-stop laughs.
SNL: Brokeback Goldmine
12.13.2005: Video
Not unlike the upcoming Brokeback Mountain about gay cowboys, Alec Baldwin and Will Forte are gay prospectors.
SNL: Married to a Hotdog
12.13.2005: Video
Alec Baldwin plays Jeremy Connors, a man who loves hotdogs. Loves them so much that someone said: Why don't you marry one, and he did...and had half-human/half-hotdog kids.