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Florida Winter 2003

Alexis lives in Florida, this is where we went

This is Alexis, hi Alexis

Squishy Face

Melissa lives in Florida too, she's friends with Alexis

"I can't belive that, alexis" says Melissa

"Are you serious, get out of here" continues Melissa

I was there too, look at me, looking at you

I like to relax, laying on Alexis' bed watching a movie with a toothpick

This is marc, he thinks he's a fairy and its raining gumdrops, but what he doesnt know is that we are inside

A boy needs to sleep, this probably from the drive home, after I almost fell asleep at the wheel

On the way down david almost fell asleep at the wheel, but he's getting some good z's now

Marc and his stupid hat at a gas station

marc says "This OJ is really good"

Theres that hat, and that gas station

Wide Eyed and bushytailed

David is probably making a serious artistic statement about the symbolism of exits and darkness

Hi david, i like what youve done here

Ahhhhh its a hurricane

We bypassed hours of traffic in the HOV lane but when we remerged we hit this traffic, and witnessed a tow truck speeding down the shoulder and hit the sideview off of a car in front of us

It did rain one day in Florida, but we went swimming the rain

And we went to Applebees in Sarasota, but they keep the lights quite dim in there
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