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Florida 2002

Davey is happy at the Clock Diner

Venice Nightlife

Sleepy Alexis

Thats Me, im doing a crossword in bed

Me and Marc at Clocks

Drink up, Thirsty

Alexis and David in a car

Sip, Sip, Sip

Mr. David Andrew Osorio

Heinz and Marc picking his nose

Its me from across the table and upside down


The Tampa Mall

Three Good Guys, one tasty shoulder

Alexis is happy to see you

Video Screens in the mirrors

Mall Displays

Lovely View

Alexis and Marc

Davey is Smiley

Alexis says I can beat that smile David

Shopping and Taking Pictures

Airport, I look so tough, perhaps I was angry because we were leaving

Cream Soda and Me
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