Thursday, April 8th, 2004

One Liner:I greased the lens and framed the shot using a friend, as my stand-in
Time of Death:10:00 pm.
Hello, hello.

You know what commercial I see a lot? The one for Mercedes that features pictures of people posing with their mercedes. The end of the commercial says "Nobody ever poses with their toaster."

Admittedly, I watch my fair share of television but during southpark, chappelle's show and the daily show yesterday the commercial aired over 8 times. And then again twice during the part of Letterman that I watched.

So chances are you might come across it, or even the related microsite.

well losers, I don't have a Mercedes, but I do like toast on occasion.

So here is my answer to that ad spot.

"...and it has a cancel button in case you don't want toast."
No one take pictures with their toaster, scofff
[the video is best viewed in a medium sized window for clarity, like 100%, not 200% doofus]

(right click, Save As) Toaster Mercedes Parody
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